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3D Printed Horseshoes!

Advances in Horse Technology can be Pretty Incredible!

Well technology is amazing; it really astounds me at some ideas that people come up with and how they make them a reality!  In an Australian article posted on the 18th of this month, it has been announced that a 3D printer has been able to create a horseshoe that was then tacked onto a horse’s foot!

Imagine it, you can enter a design, put it through a 3D printer and have it come out as an object!

For full details that are available in the article, check out 3D printed horseshoe breakthrough for Australia’s leading science research body.

If you’re interested in the idea of creating something new for the horse industry, don’t give up on it!  There are so many creations being imagined and then acted on.  Take a look at the Equilume discussed on Equus-Blog.

“On the first day God created horses, and on the second day He painted the good ones.” – Author unknown

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