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5 Horse Careers that Utilise Computers

In such a technologically led world, it won’t surprise you to know that there are horse careers that utilise computers.  Perhaps you’re a horse lover and you’re computer savvy.  Then have you considered the idea of one of these horse related careers?  Perhaps you can combine a couple!

  • Office administration assistant – horse businesses need people to help make sure their office side of things run smoothly.  It is not unusual for horse studs and other businesses to need someone who can respond to emails, update the business website, undertake payroll and other business related finance roles on the computer.
    Some horse businesses also make use of social media to build their online presence, manage a client mailing list and other computer related tasks.
  • Horse website designer – knowing horses and what makes a good horse image (like someone leading a horse from the left hand side or a horse cantering on the correct lead) can be beneficial to horse business owners.
    As a horse person with website design skills, you’ll be able to create an awesome website for a horse business.  Plus, you’ll know what information is relevant and what photos are technically correct for the industry.
5 Horse Careers that Utilise Computers | Equus Education

5 Horse Careers that Utilise Computers | Equus Education

  • Horse programmer – perhaps you desire to create a program for horse businesses to utilise, such as Rendaivu.  Or an online game that people can enjoy playing.  Either way, there is a market out there for programmers with horse knowledge.
  • Horse book authors – now arguably this one can be done the old fashioned way.  You can write your horse story onto paper.  But in time, the book will need to be created electronically.  In the self-published world that is available now, horse authors can ultimately utilise computers to write.  They are also valuable for proof reading, publishing and promoting their books!
  • Horse editor – there are many written pieces that provide education and entertainment to others, with a focus on horses.  Whoever has written them doesn’t necessarily have the skills to make sure the text has correct formatting, grammar (and even some facts!).  For the knowledgeable horse person with a good grasp of grammar and their language, editing jobs can come in many forms.  They could be pieces for books (fiction and non), magazines, journals, educational resources and even online courses.

So there you have it!  Five ideas relating to computers and horses 🙂



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