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5 Horse Innovations You may not Know

Many people choose a career with horses because they have found a particular industry they would love to work in, or because they love any job that relates to horses! Others see a gap and are motivated to fill it. In come the entrepreneurs of horse inventions. Here are 5 horse innovations that you may not know about. I think they’re totally cool!

  1. Megasus Horserunners – Equus Education put together a post on this nifty looking horse shoe earlier in 2017. It was followed up with the opportunity to profile one of the people involved in this horse shoe campaign. Have a read!
  2. Most recently I was contacted about another initiative that was looking for funding backers. They were keen to know if I could put together a post. The Anitar RFID is another great horse innovation. It is a tool that reads microchips, can fit in your pocket and is even hooked up to the Norweigan Studbook for locals who purchase and use the chip reader.
  3. The Equilume is used on studs around the world as a tool to increase artificial daylight for mares in a bid to get them cycling earlier. This can lead to earlier conception and therefore earlier foals the following season!
  4. The Cornell Collar has been designed specifically for horses that have issues with soft palate displacement. There’s always room for more products that aid in horse management and welfare in my books!
  5. Now this one appealed to me greatly. The Eco Rocker, a sustainable rocking horse! Who wouldn’t be interested in that, seriously?
5 Horse Innovations You may not Know | Equus Education

5 Horse Innovations You may not Know | Equus Education

5 Horse Innovations You may not Know

So what do you think of these 5 horse innovations? Pretty cool, huh? What I love is that the above horse innovations cover the areas of sustainability and the environment as well as entertainment, horse welfare and horse management. I have no doubt there are many more great horse related products that will be created in the future. The question is, will you be one of the people to create them or to help provide finances for them to get off the ground? Think on it.

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