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7 Step Safety System by Frank Bell

Whilst reading the Infinite Magic of Horses by Candida Baker, I read a short piece by Frank Bell. In this, he details how he came to create the 7 Step Safety System for horse riders, trainers, farriers and all other horse handlers.

It was really interesting to learn how going through a ‘traumatic’ event with a horse can cause others to stop and reflect. Upon experience this, Frank set up a system that can help any horse and handler. It allows them to establish ground work so that they are safer when working together. This is a wonderful thing!

The 7 Step Safety Program by Frank Bell Helps Horses and Humans

The 7 Step Safety Program by Frank Bell Helps Horses and Humans

For those who love the idea of residual income, you may be interested to know that he has created this training in DVD form. Once again, this is an example of creating a product once and selling it potentially many times other. You can order this from the above link to his website.

For those who are interested in Frank’s approach on horse training, it may also interest you to know that he has an accreditation program and a list of accredited instructors. For those trainers who are making an impact in the horse world, it is nice to know you can take on their training and help to impart this to others. I know the likes of Monty Roberts and Pat Parelli have done similar things.

The 7 Step  Safety System by Frank Bell

Anything we can learn about being safer when working with horses is a good thing. If it interests you, why not check out Frank’s 7 Step Safety System? You can also check out Frank’s blog, other products and recommended links.

“But there is one rule inviolably observed above all others; that is, never approach a horse in a passion; for anger never thinks of consequences, and forces us to do what we afterwards repent.” – Xenophon

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