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A Chance to Come True (Copperhead Creek – Australian Romance #1) by S M Spencer

A Chance to Come True is the first book in the Copperhead Creek series.  In this, Caity Jones finds herself chasing a sea change. With a job that is stressful and unenjoyable and an ex-boyfriend who refused to commit to marriage and a family, Caity purchases a small acreage in country Australia and moves from her busy life in Werribee.

A Chance to Come True by S M Spencer

A Chance to Come True by S M Spencer

Willows is a tiny town, but it seems perfect for Caity. She can pursue her dream to write, have her horse on her property and enjoy the company of her cats. Dropping into the local feed store in preparation for her gelding’s arrival, she meets the owner Tom. The attraction is instant, but Caity isn’t sure it’s reciprocated. And besides, she moved to Willows to get away from men and to focus on writing.

In time Caity learns about Tom’s children and realises that he’s a married man. She strikes up an unlikely friendship with his eldest son, Porter and is soon giving him the chance to ride her horse Rocky. As Caity meets the rest of Tom’s children, she comes to develop a friendship with them and enjoys their company. Her interest in Tom doesn’t wane. In fact, it grows as she learns of his availability. It seems the attraction isn’t one-sided, also.

A Chance to Come True is an entertaining romance set in rural Australia. The characters are realistic and battling typical issues – insecurities about themselves and life. One aspect of the story I struggled with was Caity’s ex-boyfriend. At one point, his behaviour was incredibly inappropriate and it amazed me that she would allow him to leave without having to account for his actions. The topic of spousal abuse is touched on and I felt shouldn’t be left without police intervention. Otherwise the story is a nice romance with realistic issues in life.

Author – S M Spencer
Fiction – Adult
In my library – as an eBook it is.
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