A Horse Called September

A Horse Called September by Anne Digby

This novel by Anne Digby explores the close relationship of two young girls as they grow up together, their love for horses helping to develop and strengthen their friendship. Mr and Mrs Dewar own Chestnut Farm. Anna is their only daughter, and Mary’s best friend, in spite of the fact that Mary is the daughter of the hired cowman.

Mr Dewar initially buys two ponies for the girls and they learn the joys of horse riding and horse care. As they develop riding skills and outgrow their ponies, Mary is devastated to find that her pony should be sold alongside Anna’s. Only Anna is getting a new show jumper in its place.

Even though the new horse belongs to Anna, the girls share him as if he were both of theirs. Mary develops a great love for the gangly thoroughbred that loves to jump. When Anna is suddenly to be sent off to another school, Mary is thankful she can look after the horse for her friend. She is devastated to find that Mr Dewar however wants to hire her to do the job and expects that she won’t jump the horse they’ve named September.

Mary and Anna grow apart and it feels to young Mary that she has lost her best friend as well as September. It is only after September is sold after a riding accident that Mary questions if things can ever possibly return to how they used to be. Eager to defy the snobby girl that was once her best friend, Mary puts together a plan to show September’s worth when the Dewar family has written him off for good.

A Horse Called September is an interesting and entertaining read, with good winning out in the end.

Author: Anne Digby
Fiction – children
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