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A Horse Named Doodlebug

A Horse Named Doodlebug by Irene Brady

This children’s tale written and illustrated by Irene Brady is a delightful story of Jennifer Dickens acquiring her first pony. Jennifer dreams of buying a beautiful black stallion with a long flowing mane and tail. She has saved up for a year from doing as many odd jobs as she could think of.

With a little over fourteen dollars to spend, Jennifer is delighted when the day of the stock auction comes around and she can look for her perfect horse. She is devastated when there is only one – a little black pony that is lame, underweight and with a long shaggy coat.

It’s only when the local butcher puts in a bid on the pony that Jennifer realises she can’t let him be sold for meat. Once she secures the pony, she is left wondering if she’ll ever be able to ride him and as this proves to be more difficult and uncomfortable than expected, Jennifer is saddened that she doesn’t have a beautiful horse to ride.

A chance meeting with the previous owners of Doodlebug shows Jennifer that the half starved, lame pony she acquired actually has an incredible history and is worth a lot. Doodlebug is a delightful read for the younger reader with a happy ending.

Author – Irene Brady
Fiction – children
In my library? – that it is!
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