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A Horse Themed Garden

People could Enter the Garden via some Form of Starting Gate!

When hubby and I purchase our property, it is my desire to have an open garden on display for a gold coin donation at certain times of the year. I believe this is a way to increase cash flow.

To make it particularly interesting to people, I want to have a horse themed garden.

We will be running an agistment property where people pay to be able to keep their horses on our land. What a great way to draw interest for potential new clients by having them be able to come onto our property in spring and view a horse themed open garden.

This is seen (of course) after they travel down the tree lined driveway with paddocks full of horses on either side.

How could we make it horse themed? That’s only limited by the imagination!

  • There could be:
  • statues and carvings of horses placed throughout the garden
  • plants on display that are of use to horse owners (such as different fodder trees)
  • flowers on display in a horse shoe shape
  • or even ivy growing around a horse figure.

Parents can Relax in the Shade of a Tree While their Children Ride…

Gardens for me are a great refuge, and I’d love to think that those paying to keep their horses on our land will enjoy sitting in our garden too.

In particular I can imagine a parent or two enjoying a book in the shade while their child exercises their pony nearby.

Can’t you just see it?

“A little horseplay… the way best to enjoy a summer day!” – Author Unknown

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