A Pony for the Winter by Helen Kay

Eight year old Deborah is desperate for a pony. Her desire is fuelled each day as she hops on the school bus and sees ponies in a nearby field; her return from school rewards her with the same sight.

A Pony for the Winter by Helen Kay.

Her parents have told her ponies are hard work and although she knows they could be, she is desperate. Taking a walk to the nearby field of ponies, Deborah meets the gentleman who owns and cares for them. In amazement, she finds that the ponies work over the summer and are then looked after by caring members in the off season.

There is one pony left who needs a home until the next summer season. In a rush Deborah heads home to beg her mother.

Before she knows it, Deborah has herself a pony – a little black mare that is the same age as her. She knew it was meant to be.

As autumn heads into winter, Deborah and her two siblings work hard to look after Mollie. As the weather gets colder and the novelty of a pony wears off, Deborah finds herself alone in looking after Mollie. Still, she is determined.

All too quickly winter heads into spring and although the weather is better for riding, summer is closing in. Over summer Mollie has to return to her owner and Deborah is distraught at the idea. Can she develop a plan to secure the pony forever?

A Pony for the Winter is a great look at how much work is involved in keeping a pony/horse. A great outcome is found for Mollie and Deborah, too and there are some lovely illustrations by Ingrid Fetz. A good read for 8 – 10 year olds.

Author – Helen Kay
Fiction – adult
In my library? – indeed, as a paperback.
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