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A Sponsorship Agent

So I’ve been thinking again about possible ways to earn an income from something horse related and have been pondering sponsors for the horse industry.  A common theme I came across in reading An Eventful Life was that the top event riders, even though they had sponsors, didn’t seem to feel they had enough time or dedicated enough time to keeping their sponsors informed about their eventing life and achievements.

Perhaps such riders have managers of sorts, or maybe there’s a niche out there for people to become ‘Sponsorship Agents’.

What is a sponsorship agent?  Well, I’d envisage that they have the role of seeking out sponsors for a particular equestrian celebrity, horse related agency or event and then keep these agents informed.

If I were investing in someone, I’d be keen to know how my funds or donated product are being put to good use.  Is my sponsored rider out winning events whilst riding in one of my saddles?  Is my sponsored racehorse winning races whilst being fed on my carefully formulated racehorse feed?

Perhaps a sponsorship agent could be responsible for:

Seeking out sponsors

Sending out monthly newsletters with latest news, results and photos

Updating sponsors on how their product or service has been advertised through the sponsored person/s

I would guess there could be a lot more to being a sponsorship agent, and perhaps a marketing or multimedia background may be of benefit.  I’d love to hear if anyone knows of someone who does such a role as described above, or something similar!

“No locker room speeches. No playbooks. No contracts or free agents. Not even a word spoken between teammates. Doesn’t that make it the greatest of all team sports?” – Author Unkown

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