A Time to Die

This novel by Hazel Holt is set in the town of Taviscombe, England. Sheila Malory is the main character, an elderly grandmother who is friends with Charlie and Josephine Hamilton who run the local riding school her young grand daughter attends.

A Time to Die by Hazel Holt.

Sheila finds herself spending a lot of time at the stables as she takes her grand daughter for lessons and sometimes the grand daughter of her close friend Rosemary. The riding school environment is one of enjoyment, where young girls learn to ride by teachers who adore their horses and the hard working life of owning a horse business.

This easy going atmosphere is shattered when the much loved owner Charlie is found dead one morning by an employee. The wound on his head leaves questions of foul play. Following his death are others that although can be explained, leave Sheila feeling that they are not simply accidents or health related.

A Time to Die follows the life of Sheila Malory as she tries to juggle aging, demanding pets, family time and local commitments. A murder mystery is something she doesn’t appear to have time for, and yet Sheila’s connections and chance discussions with old time friends leave her questioning if that is exactly what she has on her hands – an unexplained murder.  The book is a light, enjoyable read though the story seems to take it’s time to unfold.

Author – Hazel Holt
Fiction – murder mystery
In my library? – Indeed!  Worth keeping in the collection.
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“I don’t care who tells me to, I’m not going to die until someone proves to me that there are horses in Heaven.” – Author unknown

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