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Agist Now Agistment Site

For those not familiar with this term often used in Australia, agistment means paying to keep your horse (or other stock) on someone’s land. Like a form of boarding or livery. It may involve stables and other features like rugs on and off and horses being fed, or it may just be paying for access to pasture (paddocks).

People will Pay to Keep their Horses on Someone Else’s Land. offers a place online where you can put in your desire for a particular type of agistment, or raise the awareness to others of what you have to offer in the form of agistment.

Offering a place where people can pay to keep their horses is a possible horse career choice; offering a service where people can find out about it is an out of the box way of establishing an online horse career.

“Horses make a landscape look beautiful.” – Alice Walker

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