All Heart by Mara Dabrishus

All Heart continues to enlighten the reader about the lives of July Carter and Beck Delaney. Both their lives have taken a new direction with Beck studying in the city and July knowing she should apply to NYU.

If she does, then she’ll be closer to her boyfriend and best friend. But if she does, she just can’t see how she’ll manage study, relationships, working her ex-racehorse Kali and devote as much time to the track as is necessary. It’s all heart that needs to be invested in racing, nothing less.

All Heart by Mara Dabrishus
All Heart by Mara Dabrishus

As July struggles with what to do, she is dismayed to find her dad is taking on a trainee who is aiming to become an assistant trainer. She is jealous, feeling that should be her role. But how can she take on such a role if she’s off studying?

Alongside this July is trying to work out exactly where she and Beck stand. Although they appear to be an item, she feels that she isn’t getting to see much of him at all. And then when it seems that he might want more of her in his life, she finds him hesitating.

All Heart further explores July’s relationship with her estranged mother and her need to make decisions for herself and her future. It takes awhile for July to decide what she truly wants, rather than focus on what others expect of her. As she does this, she grows and finds things fitting into place. Although life seems so messy and chaotic, she is able to find some semblance of order when it comes to her family, her horses, her future dreams and Beck. The book looks well toward the future, providing hope of a follow on novel.

Author: Mara Dabrishus
Fiction – teen or adult
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