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Hi everyone! In honour of my theme for 2013 of education, I thought I’d introduce you all to the proud sponsor of my EquusEducation page at Facebook – Larneuk Stud!

Larneuk is a thoroughbred stud based in North East Victoria and I adore this place.

The location is gorgeous, the boss great and I got to learn so much about working with horses and gain so many skills whilst working there over the years:

  • administering medications
  • foaling down mares
  • holding mares for cover
  • holding horses for the farrier and vetting
  • handling foals
  • feeding and checking horses
  • ATV and tractor driving

The list goes on!  And now Larneuk is supporting me in another way, by sponsoring my facebook page.

So I have a challenge for you – if you like what is provided through this blog – career and travel options regarding horses – why not hope on over to Larneuk Stud’s Facebook page and like it in thanks for their support of EquusEducation?  Thanks so much!

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