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Outback Governesses / Nannies

I was recently flicking through a Big W catalogue.  I noted a book that had a woman with a horse on the cover. It was titled Outback Governesses. Now call them what you will – a governess, nanny, carer – they often have similar roles. To look after children, tend to their needs, educate them and perhaps even entertain. And for those who live in rural areas – or for those where horse riding is a prestigious sport – horse care and riding may need to be added to the list! In comes the outback governess.

Outback Governesses - Could you do this as a Career?

Outback Governesses – Could you do this as a Career?

What if there was someone you could hire who alongside tending to your children’s physical and educational needs, could also fill the horse gap? They are capable riders and know a thing or two about horse care. Even better, they are able to safely supervise your child or children on their horses!

Outback Governesses

Definitely in rural Australia – the outback – such a person may be required. Many parents opt to bring in someone who can educate their children in the form of home schooling. And if said person is to look after the children when they have recreational time, then chances are they will need to know horses and riding them. This is especially true on properties where the children are old enough to carry out farm chores.  Often these can include horse work.

This is no doubt a niche area where the skills need to focus on education and care of children. But there would be many properties – or wealthy parents that have children with ponies – that could make use of someone who also has horse skills and knowledge. For those who are keen to do some travelling, this type of job may be appealing! Why not aim to be an outback governess for a spell?

The One (Wilde Brothers #1) by Lorrhaine Eckhart

In The One (Wilde Brothers #1), Margaret Gorden has returned to her home town after losing her job as a surgeon.  She now just wants to lick her wounds and enjoy spending time with her horse. The Egyptian Arabian is the only honest thing in her life. However, it seems the bond with her horse is known in town. Margaret is amazed to find an old crush turn up on her doorstep, demanding that she look at his son’s unmanageable horse.

The One (Wilde Brothers #1) by Lorhainne Eckhart

The One (Wilde Brothers #1) by Lorhainne Eckhart

At one time Margaret may have convinced herself Joe was the one.  His looks and physique completely captured her attention as a teen. But his ruthless teasing of her left her feeling inadequate, embarrassed and a social loner.

It seems that fifteen years later, Joe hasn’t changed. And Margaret’s reaction to him hasn’t either. The fact that he is still able to manipulate situations to get what he wants is a frustration also. Margaret finds herself agreeing to assess the horse and even take it on. This is in spite of the fact that she doesn’t like the idea of being around the extremely attractive but bullying hulk of a man.

In time, Joe and Margaret discover that their attraction is mutual.  However, this doesn’t seem to change the way Joe speaks to Margaret. She learns to stand strong and get her point across in challenging situations and this seems to endear her further to him.

Although this story is an interesting romance, with a focus on horses and how they read people, it seems to be lacking a few things. Margaret’s childhood and incessant teasing from Joe are touched on a few times. And yet, this is not discussed or resolved as they are drawn together as adults. It seems too, that Joe’s gruff attitude toward her could be explained further, so that he doesn’t come across as an angry bully who takes what he wants.  Book one in the Wilde Brothers series was enjoyable, but with a few gaps.

Author – Lorrhaine Eckhart
Fiction – adult
In my library – Yes, as a Kindle version 🙂
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Acting with Horses as a Career

Recently I have had increased interest in my Free Rein series, a horse book series for 8 – 12 year olds. It just so happens that in July a television series named Free Rein was released. This television series features horses and appears to be aimed at teenagers. And I got to thinking – why not acting with horses as a career?  Surely there is the possibility for an acting career with a focus on horses?

This I believe is a niche market, but there are plenty of horse movies out there with young and mature aged actors. Riding may be necessary, or ground work with horses in the movies.

Of course here in Australia, there was the televised version of the Saddle Club, and now it seems a new series in Free Rein is on offer via Netflix. And even shows like Australia’s McCleod’s Daughters featured horses and riding.

Consider too, classic horse movies that have shown on our screens over time:

  • National Velvet
  • Phar Lap
  • The Silver Brumby
  • The Man from Snowy River
  • The Black Stallion
  • War Horse
Acting with Horses as a Career, would you Consider it?

Acting with Horses as a Career, would you Consider it?

Acting with Horses as a Career

If you have a love of horses and enjoy acting, then perhaps it may be worth considering combining the two. Obviously acting skills would be required, but to have skills in the area of riding horses and handling them would also be beneficial.

There is nothing more annoying than watching a show with horses in it and to have the acting or the horse riding appear unrealistic! For someone who can act and act capably around horses, that would be appealing for horse related movies and series.  And of course, there is always the option of going into work as an equine stunt rider in movies.  This is a unique way in which you could turn riding horses into a career.

SPOGA Horse Autumn 2017 September

September of this year marks an international horse event that may be of interest to horse business owners! In Cologne, Germany is the SPOGA Horse Autumn festival of 2017.  It is recognised as the international trade fair for equestrian sports.  SPOGA runs from the 5th to the 7th of September.

Horse festivals are a great way to promote a product or service for the horse industry. They also raise business profile awareness and can generate international customers as well as many product sales! Equus Education has also featured details about Equitana, which is a similar horse event here in Australia.

Derriere Equestrian recently emailed me about their involvement in the SPOGA 2017 event. If you are a budding equine entrepreneur, perhaps you’d be keen to check out this event for future business promotion ideas! Or as someone who loves to travel and to see what new horse businesses have to offer, perhaps the idea of a trip to Germany in September appeals to you.

SPOGA Horse Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany

Have you Heard about the SPOGA Horse Event?

Have you Heard about the SPOGA Horse Event?

Either way, it would be worth making note of the SPOGA Horse event which happens on a regular basis. You may even want to create your own calendar of horse related events to keep an eye on – and attend! – as the years pass.

One event where myriads of horse people, riders, businessmen and women come together to promote themselves, their products and services and learn about others is a great networking opportunity.

Being able to attend and participate would be worth it! Or as is the case with Equitana each time it is held, you can volunteer your time and take part in helping the event to run smoothly. Perhaps this is an idea for your horse resume in the future?

Dark Fire (Horse Guardian #1) by Angela Dorsey

Young Lisa is devastated by the fact that her family has lost their household estate in the first book in the Horse Guardian series, Dark Fire. This included a beautiful manor, land and stables full of horses. When her father was unable to make repayments, they lost everything.

Dark Fire, Book 1 in the Horse Guardian Series by Angela Dorsey.

Dark Fire, Book 1 in the Horse Guardian Series by Angela Dorsey.

Lisa’s only sense of satisfaction is in knowing the elderly gentleman who inherited the estate. Through developing a friendship with him, she is able to help out at the stables and look after her beloved Jupiter. Little does she know that trouble lurks.

Lisa doesn’t get along with Mr. Pickering’s nephew, Jimmy. She has little choice to be around him though, seeing as he is looking after his ailing uncle. When Jimmy tells her she’s no longer welcome at the manor, Lisa determines to sneak out at night and look after the horses. She knows he isn’t tending to their needs.

Jimmy’s desperation to inherit his uncle’s estate causes him to act in a way that Lisa doesn’t believe possible. As she finds herself – and the horses – in danger, she is both surprised and thankful to meet Angelica, a teenage girl who appears out of nowhere.

Lisa knows there is something different about Angelica, but she isn’t sure what it is. Either way she is thankful for the new friend who is able to help her solve the mystery of Mr. Pickering’s murder, why Jimmy hates her horse and what he plans to do with her.

Dark Fire is an interesting read with relevant horse details. It has the added angle of magic thrown in and is sure to entertain young horse and fantasy fans.

Author – Angela Dorsey
Fiction – teen
In my library – Yes, as a Kindle version 🙂
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Profile On: Sara Mariah, Writing Dressage

Equus Education has had a few chances to guest post over at Writing Dressage.  Today Sara Mariah of Writing Dressage has taken the time to answer some questions about what she does.

Writing Dressage Logo

Writing Dressage Logo

How much of your day/week is related to horses?
Not as much as I’d like, unfortunately. I still work part-time at a department store (not ideal), but when I get off, I get to work on my sites. Half the time, when I’m at work, I’m still thinking about my sites and working on fleshing out various ideas while I’m folding tables full of clothes. I’m working on making enough money on my blogs to quit the department store job completely and go back to riding.

What is it exactly that you do?
On my business blog, Writing Dressage, I offer coaching packages for new and struggling equine entrepreneurs, as well as a selection of coaching packages for aspiring professionals.

Some of my business packages discuss developing various parts of a business, like the business plan, marketing plan, and financial goals, while others have specific purposes, like reviewing a business’s online presence or helping someone rebrand their business. I also have a few fully customizable packages available.

My packages for aspiring professionals focus mostly on developing resumes, job applications, and scholarship applications.

Stall 17, Sara Mariah

Stall 17, Sara Mariah

Currently, I’m also nearing the launch for a new business, an online boutique selling apparel and gifts for equestrians called Stall 17.

In this field of work, is it possible to be a full time professional and earn a liveable income?
I’m sure it is, but I’m not at that stage yet. I just launched my services about two months ago and I’m still working through a handful of services I’ve given away as part of the launch.

What are the general steps taken to be employed in such a role?
Know business. Like, really, really know it. I went to college to study equine business management, and after realizing that, while helpful, the degree I sought was lacking in many areas, I continued reading and researching and teaching myself using the medley of resources available thanks to the Internet, all with the primary intention of starting my own product-based business. After that, I spent a few years helping out friends in the horse industry with their various businesses, learned A LOT more, helped improve their businesses, and realized there was a market for this sort of thing. (It also helps that I have a serious mind for business plus a creative streak a mile wide.)

Sara of Writing Dressage and her Horse Sunny

Sara of Writing Dressage and her Horse Sunny

Favorite horse memory?
Literally any show I ever took Sunny to. He was always such a gentleman. He minded his manners perfectly, always picked up the correct leads, put on his happy face, and we kicked butt. (Except that time we had to walk past the cattle pen at the 4-H state show… That was bad.)

Future goals?
Diversify my business ventures so that I’m not relying on any one income stream. Do some business coaching, speak at events, make and sell quirky equestrian apparel and gifts, branch out into breeches and show clothes eventually, and be able to offer scholarships for college and for showing.

Sara (right) and Sunny, Writing Dressage

Sara (right) and Sunny, Writing Dressage

Sponsor riders. Travel a bit. Ride horses on the beach and across the African savanna and the Egyptian desert. Have a nice upper level dressage horse (or two) that I can show. Try jousting and polo and maybe reining again. Maybe start an equestrian entertainment company and publish books, maybe a magazine, and who knows what else. I don’t know. Just do what makes me happy.

Best thing about your sport/profession?
I get to do what I love and I get to share it with people who are just as passionate about it as I am.

Horse Business Coaches

Recently I have been reading Take the Reins, a book by Shari Jaeger. It focuses on mindsets and skills that can be utilised to be a successful leader. The focus is specifically on mindsets for business leaders – how they can lead a team, close a sale and increase profits. The horse focus comes into practice by the way she leads individual and team workshops.  And this got me thinking about horse business coaches.

How does it work with Shari?  Often a person – or team of people – is asked to achieve a task with a horse moving free in an arena. They need to cause the horse to carry out a particular task without touching it.

Horse Business Coaches - would they Benefit you?

Horse Business Coaches – would they Benefit you?

As people carry out these workshops, they learn to better communicate with each other and to move with intention. This got me to thinking about horses businesses in general and how they could all benefit from coaching. What if there was one place you could go to as a horse business owner, to gain coaching in a number of areas? It could be a local organisation you could engage the use of to gain horse business coaches in varying areas.

Horse Business Coaches

These areas could depend on the expertise of the coach in question. It could be motivation, brain storming ideas, management of staff, increasing profits, managing finances or even simple accountability to follow through on planned tasks.

The people made available could provide sessions in person, via Skype, over the phone or even through email communication. The difference with those on offer to horse businesses is that they would know the equine industry and horse people. Perhaps they’ve worked in racing and marketing, or they own racehorses and have a financial qualification. Maybe they have performance horses or ride for pleasure.

Whatever it is, they have a skill they can coach in and a working knowledge of what horse people want. In this way, they will be better equipped to understand and aid horse businesses. What do you think?

The Baby Pony (Pony Pals Super Special #1) by Jeanne Betancourt

In the first super special of the Pony Pal series, The Baby Pony, the three girls find themselves suddenly in charge of an orphan pony. Lulu and Anna find that Pam hasn’t met them for their planned ride over the school break.

Instead she is inside a stall at the Crandal Animal Clinic, debating what to do with the baby pony. It is orphaned and the owner didn’t have the time to invest in it. In fact, he said that Pam could keep it, if it survived. Without her knowledgeable parents around, Pam is questioning what to do. Lulu and Anna work with her to find a bottle, appropriate milk and to get the foal drinking.

The Baby Pony (Pony Pals Super Special #1) by Jeanne Betancourt

The Baby Pony (Pony Pals Super Special #1) by Jeanne Betancourt

They are relieved however when Pam’s parents get home and her father indicates it will survive – if they commit to feeding it every 3 hours for the weeks to come.

The girls quickly agree to do so. And so suddenly their break from school turns into work as they have to feed, clean up after and educate a young colt without a mother. The Baby Pony provides readers with a glimpse at bottle feeding a young foal. It does a great job of describing the work that is involved, how often the foal needs to nurse and even the importance of a nanny mare to nurse and educate the foal. For young readers interested in the idea of breeding horses, they will learn a lot in the story.

It has a great ending too, with regards to the foal’s future and finding a suitable owner for the Baby Pony. This super special is sure to be a hit in young readers’ eyes.

Author: Jeanne Betancourt
Fiction – children
In My Library? That it is!
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

Integration of Horse Sites

I was recently talking with my sister in law about some tools she uses for her business. The focus was on how wonderful it is for certain tools to be integrated. An example? On WordPress, there is integration to be able to automatically share posts as soon as they are published. Here on Equus Education, as soon as a post is published, it shares across Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. And why? Because I am able to integrate my WordPress account with these particular websites.  It definitely saves time! So why not integration of horse sites?

Would you Benefit from Integration of Horse Sites?

Would you Benefit from Integration of Horse Sites?

Some other examples of integration include being able to setup Paypal on your site to receive payments. Or for authors, Instafreebie is linked in with Mailchimp so people can automatically opt-in to your mailing list when they choose to receive a free copy of your book electronically.

Now this is a very broad concept for me to suggest at this stage. As someone who doesn’t currently run a hands on horse business, I cannot specifically identify horse tools/websites that I find useful and would love to have working in cooperation with each other!

Integration of Horse Sites

One such site I can think of is Rendaivu. What if the information you entered here about your horses and their health could also be put into other databases you consistently use for your business?

It could be sites for registering horses, entering competitions and proving vaccination and worming details.  Maybe even their health details could be accessed by veterinarians and farriers. Just a general idea.

But if there was someone out there who had the technological know-how – and the cooperation from various horse applications and websites, this could be possible. In fact, the person who is able to establish an integration of horse sites may be able to charge a fee to businesses because you have created a tool that makes their life easier. What do you think?

Grazing Rites – Horse Passive Income

There are many different things that can be undertaken that relate to horses and can earn a passive income. That is, something is done once and it brings in a return, consistently. Grazing rites could be defined as a way to bring in horse passive income.

Grazing Rites can Generate Horse Passive Income

Grazing Rites can Generate Horse Passive Income

Grazing rites could otherwise be described as a form of boarding or agistment, depending on where you are located. The general idea is that you purchase some land that can hold horses. You then set it up with appropriate fencing, water, shelters and grazing and ‘rent’ it out to horse owners. With minimal upkeep on the property, it can consistently bring in money.

An easier alternative, is that you lease it out to someone and they are to maintain the property, fencing, manage the grass, etc. In this way, it would truly be passive, requiring no work from you but be earning you money.

Grazing Rites as Horse Passive Income

This of course is an expensive way to accumulate passive income. Obviously you’d need a large sum of money to be able to purchase land. And then there is the possibility that it needs adjusting, to be suitable for horses.

There are many other ways you can develop passive income relating to horses. 20 different ideas have been put together in a short course titled Equine Passive Streams over at Udemy. You can take this online course at a discounted rate, by clicking this link, or the image in the sidebar of this site. The varying possibilities explored require no financial input (just your time), a little financial input, and also a greater financial input, such as with grazing rites.

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