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Blogging + Horses = Potential.

It’s all mum’s fault that I got into blogging but arguably if it hadn’t been her, someone else would have surely introduced it to me and recruited a new addicted blogger.

There are so many blogs out on the internet that have such interesting information and can take up so much of our time to read through that the question arises – how much time does the owner/writer put into the blog? And, is it worth it?

For many, the answer is of course a resounding yes. It’s worth it as they’re able to look back on previous entries and see how far they’ve come with a particular horse they’re working with. It’s worth it due to the friends that have been established online and positive comments and feedback received. It’s worth it because now thousands of people a month view the entries and purchase your product or make use of your services. It’s worth it because the skills acquired while blogging have led to employment opportunities.

There are those who make a living from full time blogging which still blows my mind and I’d love to hear from anyone who is making a livable income from their blog that is related to horses!

Although I’m not currently aware of someone who is doing so, it’s probable that there are people out there who perhaps:
– make a living based on writing for a blog that revolves around horses
– have a general interest blog about horses that receives so many hits, they’re able to make money from something like AdSense or other advertising on their blog
– have self published horse books and are selling them online
– make horse art at home that they’re able to sell online
– run an equine employment business, advertising workers and current jobs via their blog
– providing blogging/website design services for the horse industry

For those who do provide a service or product relating to horses, there’s no argument that having a site or blog that helps to promote your horse related business can be beneficial… perhaps it is even the sole way the income is made.

If you market the site well enough and keep it updated with current and relevant information, there’s no doubt your blog – one that is related to horses – can bring in some form of an income for you. Perhaps it’s worth considering…

“The love of horses knows not it’s own depth till the hour of separation.”

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