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Born that Way by Susan Ketchen

Born that Way by Susan Ketchen

It seems that I have horse books arriving to read faster than I can complete them!  Born that Way was an ebook that author Susan Ketchen actually had on offer for free via Amazon for a short period of time.  Not surprisingly, I grabbed myself a copy!

Now this is a very unique book.  It’s told from the point of view of fourteen year old Syliva who is a self confessed horse nut.  It’s obvious to Sylvie that this is an affliction she cannot be cured of.

Another issue she has that needs to be rectified is her short stature.  Sylvia’s grandfather has promised her that once she reaches a particular height, she will be old enough to get a horse.

And so the 14 year old works desperately to increase her height whilst battling off an overprotective mother who is convinced that wanting a horse is actually a way to disguise her impending sexuality and struggle with hormones.

Born that Way is delightfully amusing, dealing with lifes issues and an obsession with a beautiful animal. A great read.

Author – Susan Ketchen
Fiction – early teenage years
In my library – it is!  A delightfully amusing story that rings true.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

“I want to be with horses. I can’t imagine my life without them. It’s that simple and it’s that complicated all at once.” – Sylvia in Born that Way

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