Boys Don’t Ride by Katharina Marcus

Boys Don’t Ride by Katharina Marcus

This horse novella by Katharina Marcus tells the story of 17 year old Tull, a good looking teen who may have all the girl’s attention – except the one he wants. Tull has another desire that isn’t fulfilled – his love of horses.

For as long as he can remember, Tull has loved the equine animal and devoured books about them. Although he lives with his mother and knows he can’t rely on finances from his father, Tull is determined to save up every last cent toward getting lessons. When this dream is dashed however, he gives up on the idea altogether, tearing down his horse posters and leaving his dream unfulfilled.

A chance encounter with high school oddball Liberty leaves Tull finding that he desires two things from the teen – her attentions and her horse connections.

Boys Don’t Ride is a charming story of one teen’s pursuit to learn to ride and his desire to break out of the mould that has been set for him, based on his good looks.  An interesting and entertaining story, Boys Don’t Ride is an enjoyable novella. Recommended.

Author – Katharina Marcus
Fiction – young adult / adult
In my library? – as an eBook yes!
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