Brumbies by Paula Boer

Brumbies by Paula Boer

The first book in the series, Brumbies by Paula Boer explores the summer school holidays of fourteen year olds Ben and Louise. The pair strike up a friendship when they realise they have something in common – a passion for horses and riding.

Ben works hard on his parents property over the summer holidays, but he still has time to ride out in the local bush area in rural New South Wales. The family has a few working horses and so Ben is able to provide a mount for the horseless Louise. On their first ride out together, the pair are excited to see a herd of brumbies fly past them in the summer heat.

Louise had never seen brumbies before and she is thrilled by the sight of them – most especially a buckskin mare. Further into their ride, they stumble across a couple of young stallions, the liver chestnut taking Ben’s eye.

Very quickly a desire builds in the pair to secure their own brumbies. This is particularly after Ben informs Louise that the brumbies are rounded up each year to cull down on numbers in the park. Louise is devastated to hear that most are sold as dog food after being caught. She can’t bear the thought of such beautiful animals being slaughtered.

Brumbies is a delightful and realistic story of two teens overcoming hurdles to be able to catch and secure some brumbies. The book covers topics of horse care and ‘join up’ making it an informative as well as interesting read.  Interspersed are some lovely illustrations by Rowena Evans.


Author: Paula Boer
Illustrator: Rowena Evans
Fiction – teen
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“Ride a wild horse against the sky – hold tight to his wings before you die; whatever else you leave undone, once ride a wild horse into the sun.” – Author unknown

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