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Buying a Horse Property

This book by the Equiculture team – Jane and Stuart Myers, covers the practicalities that need to be considered when shopping for and deciding to buy a horse property. The book takes a quick but informative look at what should be considered.

Buying a Horse Property by Jane and Stuart Myers

Topics covered include how lifestyle decisions can lead to purchasing a horse property and whether such an investment is a good one. For those interested in buying, the topics of the buyer’s budget, property location and size, facilities and layout, pastures and soil, natural features and much more are considered.

A checklist of questions to ask the vendor are included for those who are in the process of seeking out a property to buy.

Jane and Stuart are focused on sustainable horse properties and this book encourages such an outlook when looking to purchase a property. It contains a lot of valuable information and points readers to other resources where more information of value can be found. An insightful read from someone who hopes to put the information to good use in the future!

Authors: Jane and Stuart Myers
Non Fiction – horse properties
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“You know you’re a horse person when… you stop channel surfing at Budweiser Clydesdale commercials.” – Author unknown

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  • […] I have been along to one such talk put on by Jane and Stuart and came away with so many notes and ideas – for this blog, and my future property! Currently I’m blessed to be able to also read and edit some of their books that are available for sale. If you have an interest in this area, I encourage you to check out their books, one being Buying a Horse Property. […]

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