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CAFRE Equine Industry Projects

The College of Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise are currently looking for people to take part in a couple of equine industry projects they are planning. The projects focus on Equine Weight Management and Equine Parasite Control.

Often projects are only made successful by the number of people able to participate. The more numbers there are, then the more accurate the results will be. Interested? Read below.

Equine Industry Projects: can you Take Part?

Equine Industry Projects: can you Take Part?

The Equine Weight Management Project

Focusing on the promotion of equine weigh tapes, weigh bridges and fat scoring as assessing horse’s weight. The project aims to promote them as viable means to maintain horses at a healthy body weight.

It is proposed that this project will aid owners in identifying whether their horse is at an ideal weight, overweight or underweight. This will then help to calculate appropriate amounts of feed and medication for that particular horse.

Project participants will submit their horses weigh tape and fat score results to CAFRE on a monthly basis via an online form.

The Equine Parasite Control Project

Focused on the horse population in Northern Ireland, this project will look at viable parasite detection methods.

Project participants will submit their results to CAFRE on a quarterly basis via an online form.

Are you interested in participating in either of these projects?  Then be sure to check out the equine industry support link.

The fact that you can submit your results online means you don’t need to be at a certain place at a certain time – just able to access the internet! Doing so monthly or quarterly should also help the busy horse owner. You can make a note of results and then submit these at set times.

If you’re interested and believe you can be a part of either (or both!) of these projects, then be sure to check out the Equine Industry Projects.

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