Calico Horses and the Patchwork Trail

Calico Horses and the Patchwork Trail by Lorraine Turner

I was able to gain an electronic copy of this novel via NetGalley to read and review, in spite of it having already been released. Calico Horses and the Patchwork Trail is an unusual tale woven around the Calico Mountains in Nevada, the wild horses that roam here and some mysterious pieces of calico fabric that link a number of characters in the story.

The story jumps between characters, helping to keep the tale moving at a fast pace.  It’s interesting to read how each of the characters are linked, in spite of being in different locations.

Author Lorraine Turner has worked hard to bring to light the management and associated issues of the wild horses and burros that are rounded up by the BLM in the area and then adopted out to appropriate owners. Mix these issues with some passionate 10 year old girls going through the growing pains of life and messy choices made by their parents, and you have a really interesting make up for a thought provoking story.

The overall message about children being advocates for treating horses (and other animals) respectfully is one that should be driven home by all.  An entertaining read.

Author:  Lorraine Turner
Fiction – children
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“A good horse is never a bad colour.” – Author unknown

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