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Saddles for Women

There are some niche areas within the equine industry that I love having my eyes opened to.  One such is the focus area of saddles for women.  Perhaps like me, you consider saddles more to be for horses.  Yes, I know that bigger people may need a bigger saddle to sit in – much like a larger framed horse needs a larger saddle to encompass its frame.  But I genuinely hadn’t considered the idea of saddles being specific to the rider’s gender.  That is, not until I was introduced to Jochen and Sabine Schleese.

Schleese Specialise in Saddles for Women | Equus Education

Schleese Specialise in Saddles for Women | Equus Education

Now these two – and their staff – are incredibly passionate about educating the horse industry on correct saddle fit.  This is both for horse and rider.  I am currently reading Suffering in Silence and Jochen goes to incredible lengths to explain why a saddle needs to fit properly.  This is to the benefit of both horse and rider.

Saddles for Women

When you take into consideration the physical anatomy of a male and female, they are somewhat different.  This affects their posture and how they sit in the saddle.  Consequently, different saddles are advised for each of the sexes, to allow them to achieve the most correct riding position and to best benefit the horse.  Schleese have created saddles specifically for women to use in their riding careers and overall riding life.  They label themselves as the female saddle fit specialist.

If you have a desire to spend many hours in the saddle – whether for pleasure or competition – I encourage you to consider the value of saddle fit for yourself and your horse.  And if you’re a female, do the research and find out what is different about these saddles designed specifically for the female gender.  You may learn a thing or two and improve your riding position ability whilst you’re at it!


Horse Farm Property Maintenance

My husband and I were recently making a trip back from my parents place to our home.  We take a beautiful scenic drive that allows me to look at lots of cattle, sheep and also horse properties along the way.  One property had a sign posted in the corner of the paddock saying Small Property Maintenance with a contact number.  And I got to thinking: why not horse farm property maintenance?

A Horse Farm Property Maintenance Team; would that be of Benefit to you? | Equus Education

A Horse Farm Property Maintenance Team; would that be of Benefit to you? | Equus Education

The very first thoroughbred stud I did work placement on (Swettenham, then Collingrove) was big, beautiful and well maintained.  There were three staff that were employed to keep it that way.  Broken fences, bust water troughs, leaves that needed raking, mowing…

You name it; they did it to keep the place looking good for clients.  But a lot of small horse properties perhaps don’t have the budget to employ someone to do this regularly.  But what if they could hire a team on the odd occasion to do so?

The Horse Farm Property Maintenance Team

What if there was a horse farm property maintenance team of people that could be hired out?  They could come to your farm and fix it up after a storm, before an open day or competition or before fire season, etc.  As a small property owner, you could contact an agency that has a collection of staff with various skills.  Some may be good at building and have a chainsaw licence to cut down fallen trees.  Others may be great on a tractor and can harrow, spray weeds or even bale hay.  Still others could rake up areas, prune back plants and weed.

What if there was one place you could go to find a handful of people that could come in on a given day or week of the year to help get your horse property in top shape for clients?  A horse farm property maintenance agency!  This could provide people casual work for people with particular farm skills whilst also helping out horse property owners.  What do you think?



Microcurrent Therapy for Horses – ArcEquine

Recently on twitter it was suggested that I follow a horse related account. Curious about any horse products and sites, I headed along to find out what ArcEquine was all about. It seems it’s a website that promotes microcurrent therapy for horses.

A look at the website indicates that this form of therapy could be used to successfully treat many issues.  The likes of broken bones, reduction of pain, reducing scar tissue, swelling and bruising.  And then there’s the stifle, sarcoids and the sacroiliac region in the horse. As it says on the site:

“ArcEquine mimics the body’s natural electrical currents and reintroduces them from an external source. This kick-starts and accelerates many processes involved with correct cellular functioning, resulting in faster healing and promoting optimal health.”

Microcurrent Therapy for Horses

Microcurrent Therapy for Horses | Equus Education

Microcurrent Therapy for Horses | Equus Education

The use of this technology was introduced to the horse world several years ago.  This was in the form of a study being done on racehorses that had substantial injuries. These were the kind of injuries to end the horse’s racing career and even potentially to threaten their life. Ian Thirkell who has created ArcEquine used microcurrent therapy on these horses.

It resulted in the average return to racing time frame for these horses to be 30 weeks. This is pretty incredible when you consider a diagnosis of not being able to race again!

What I find further encouraging is that there were no repeat performances in the area of breaking down with the same injury after being treated. This is exciting stuff! If you have an interest in rehabilitation of performance horses, then perhaps ArcEquine has piqued your interest.

It’s a wonderful thing to know about and be able to use services and technologies that can help keep our horses sound or resolve a soundness issue.  And to be involved in such an industry as a career can be just as incredible.

“I’ve often told people who ask if there is a God: Get around enough people with horses and see what happens. See how they survive in spite of all the things they do, and you’ll become a believer!” ― Buck Brannaman



OTTB Designs

Recently I was checking out Alex Brown’s website and reading through a list of comments from horse people.  These words related to Alex’s latest release, Missionville.  One of the people quoted was Caitlin Taylor of OTTB Designs.

Curious, I did a search online to find out what exactly OTTB Designs was.  I then contacted Caitlin about the work she does and the possibility of being profiled.  She was quick to give me a reply email.

“As for OTTB Designs/OTTB Identity, I don’t know that we are the best example of how to run a business. Most of our profits go to charity and I work a regular 9-5.

“OTTB Designs could be more profitable, but I feel that would be disingenuous to the purpose of the brand. We keep the margins pretty thin because we know our customer doesn’t have a lot to spend. Many OTTB owners are girls and women on a tight budget so we try to accommodate that demographic.”

Chances are if you are familiar with the thoroughbred world, you’ll know the acronym OTTB.  Many people search for off the track thoroughbreds (OTTBs) to retrain and give a second life in another discipline.  The thoroughbred breed is very versatile and can often go onto dressage, jumping, eventing or even showing or pleasure riding.

Do you have an OTTB? Fancy Branded Gear for when you Ride? Check out OTTB Designs.

Do you have an OTTB? Fancy Branded Gear for when you Ride? Check out OTTB Designs.

For the person who has an OTTB, perhaps it would appeal to them to be able to have riding gear with an associated logo on it!  Saddle blankets could be one such item.  If you check out the OTTB Designs website, you’ll find that there’s even jewellery with an OTTB logo.

What I love about this setup is that there are so many people with off the track thoroughbreds.  The designs are a unique idea, but one that many can utilise!  And of course the fact that a lot of their profits go to charity is also appealing.

Microfinance for Horse Small Business

You may have already read the post on Equus Education about providing finance to people who have a horse business plan. Of course, this often happens in the form of a loan, on which you need to pay interest. Recently on Vision Radio I heard an interview with a gentleman who is involved in microfinance in the Philippines. And of course I got to thinking about microfinance for horse small business. (No I’m not obsessed!)

So what’s the general idea? Well, if we use the example from the Philippines, $150 USD was provided to people who had a business idea. With this (small) sum of money they were able to start a business.

It could be to buy product or something to help them provide a product or service that they could sell. Alongside this money, they were also provided with training and encouragement to get their business off the ground. Within a short time span, they were also expected to pay back the money that they had been loaned. This was interest free. Any other money they made after paying back the loan was theirs to live on / provide for their family and future.

Microfinance for Horse Small Business | Equus Education

Microfinance for Horse Small Business | Equus Education

I love this concept of empowering people to do things for themselves. Sometimes all someone needs is a helping hand to get out of a poverty cycle.  This could be a cycle that may have affected their family for generations. With the accountability of paying back what they’ve been loaned, they aren’t being given something for free.  Rather, they are being provided with an opportunity to earn and be responsible for themselves.

Microfinance for Horse Small Business

So how could microfinance apply to horse small business? What if a particular setup provided $150 USD to individuals to start a horse business? Is this enough? For some things, sure!

  • $150 could help to buy a website and pay for hosting – it would cover the hosting and .com renewal of Equus Education for a year.
  • It could be used for someone to undertake a course that educates and enables them to earn, like with my Equine Passive Streams Course at Udemy.
  • Maybe the money could be used to pay an editor, get a book cover designed and publish a book. Electronically, you can publish a book for free on many platforms and earn a return as soon as someone buys.

So how would such an initiative benefit the person providing the money? Not in the form of interest earned on the money loaned. But what about in the form of raising the economy in particular areas, or even worldwide? In time, if the concept grew, maybe different people could volunteer their time and resources in various areas.

For example, maybe $150 USD in a third world country could buy a horse or donkey that could be used as a pack horse or trail horse for tourists. In this way, it could be bringing in consistent money for the owner. Buying second hand horse books off eBay or in opportunity shops and selling them in sets could generate a handy return.

There are so many little things that could be done with $150 to turn it into a greater sum of money and in time, maybe even a viable business. With so many people in the world below the poverty line or on government benefits, for those with an interest in horses, could you see microfinance for horse small business working?

Donating to Horse Charities, through Business

I am currently looking at a blog to biz boot camp where you get your blog into order with regards to SEO optimisation and earning possibilities.  The presenter of this online free series is Melyssa Griffin, a successful online entrepreneur.  Melissa indicated that because of her online earnings, she was able to donate a large sum to a charity of her choice.  And of course my thinking went to donating to horse charities.  As a horse business, do you give to any charities?

Donating to Horse Charities, through Business | Equus Education

Donating to Horse Charities, through Business | Equus Education

I am aware that the British Horse Society has their own charity that you can support.  So my question for you if you have a horse business, is do you encourage others to use your products or services by giving away a percentage to a particular horse charity?  Perhaps you could give a percentage of your earnings (or profit) each month to a chosen horse charity.  Or maybe you could even donate a particular month’s earnings to a horse charity because of your horse business!

Donating to Horse Charities

Donating to horse charities can be a great way to raise your business profile within the equine world.  If people are happy to pay for your product or service and they know some of what they pay will be donated to a horse charity, it may make them even more inclined to use you!  Just some food for thought.

How can you use your profits to better impact the horse industry or your local community?  It could be through taking on an apprentice and paying them a wage or perhaps through donating to your local Pony Club or adult riding club.  I am sure there are heaps of ways you can use the funds generated in your horse business to positively impact the industry and local community.

“Just then, down through the last glimmer of twilight, stepping high and free, like a cloud, a moth, a ghost in the shape of a horse — came the Silver Stallion. Wild, beautiful, and free as the wind he came, from one kingdom to another, Thowra.” – Elyne Mitchell

5 Horse Innovations You may not Know

Many people choose a career with horses because they have found a particular industry they would love to work in, or because they love any job that relates to horses! Others see a gap and are motivated to fill it. In come the entrepreneurs of horse inventions. Here are 5 horse innovations that you may not know about. I think they’re totally cool!

  1. Megasus Horserunners – Equus Education put together a post on this nifty looking horse shoe earlier in 2017. It was followed up with the opportunity to profile one of the people involved in this horse shoe campaign. Have a read!
  2. Most recently I was contacted about another initiative that was looking for funding backers. They were keen to know if I could put together a post. The Anitar RFID is another great horse innovation. It is a tool that reads microchips, can fit in your pocket and is even hooked up to the Norweigan Studbook for locals who purchase and use the chip reader.
  3. The Equilume is used on studs around the world as a tool to increase artificial daylight for mares in a bid to get them cycling earlier. This can lead to earlier conception and therefore earlier foals the following season!
  4. The Cornell Collar has been designed specifically for horses that have issues with soft palate displacement. There’s always room for more products that aid in horse management and welfare in my books!
  5. Now this one appealed to me greatly. The Eco Rocker, a sustainable rocking horse! Who wouldn’t be interested in that, seriously?
5 Horse Innovations You may not Know | Equus Education

5 Horse Innovations You may not Know | Equus Education

5 Horse Innovations You may not Know

So what do you think of these 5 horse innovations? Pretty cool, huh? What I love is that the above horse innovations cover the areas of sustainability and the environment as well as entertainment, horse welfare and horse management. I have no doubt there are many more great horse related products that will be created in the future. The question is, will you be one of the people to create them or to help provide finances for them to get off the ground? Think on it.

The Horse Small Business

So August 2017 in North East Victoria is a time where the government is focusing on small businesses. They want to help equip business owners – or those with a great idea! They are providing workshops, one on one consultations and many resources to help small business owners get established and succeed. Of course, I got to thinking about the horse small business! And in reality, that’s what I am. And perhaps many of you reading this blog.

I make money through online horse courses I have created at Udemy, through horse educational products at TeachersPayTeachers, through horse book sales at Amazon and even through affiliate links with Amazon. I am a sole proprietor who just happens to be able to cash in on her horse addiction! Why couldn’t you do the same?

What's your Horse Small Business Idea?

What’s your Horse Small Business Idea?

A small business is on that employs under 15 people and generates returns under $2,000,000. It could be a sole proprietor – like me, or a partnership, or you employ a handful of people. I have worked in many horse small businesses:

  • as a stud hand
  • at a racing stable as a stable hand
  • as a stable hand at a riding school
  • instructing at a riding school

There are many small horse businesses out there and no doubt, each one of them wants to be successful. So what makes a business successful?

  1. Generating a product or service that is needed and being able to sell it to those people in need.
  2. Having a consistent cash flow so that expenses can be paid, wages can be delivered and savings can be generated.
  3. Earning a profit.

The Horse Small Business

In line with small business month here in Victoria, Australia, why not think about your potential horse small business idea? Look for resources that are on offer to you from your local, state or national government. What about free online resources (you may want to check out Writing Dressage for some equine business tools!)?

There are many people who are unemployed in Australia. A lot of these have a great business idea, but no education or funds to help them see it to fruition and to become a success. Don’t be one of these statistics! Work hard, educate yourself and hey, even take the leap of starting a business 😉

Need a hand with potential horse business ideas? I have a passion for passive income relating to horses! Invest in the Equine Passive Streams course over at Udemy to find out about 20 different horse small business ideas – some of which will cost you no money to start up.

RFID Tag Reader by Anitar

Recently I was contacted by some people in Iceland about a new horse technology that is seeking funding through Kickstarter.  It is an RFID Tag Reader by Anitar.

You may have seen the post on Equus Education about Megasus Horserunners. It may also excite you to note that they well and truly reached the funds needed to get this venture off the ground.  Well here’s another project!

I love to learn about different horse technologies that have the power to improve horse care or make managing horses easier. It seems that the RFID (radio-frequency identification) animal tag reader by Anitar could be one such product!

Using the ANITAR RFID for Microchip Information

Using the ANITAR RFID for Microchip Information

The Icelandic startup, Anitar, just launched a Kickstarter to fund the first production run of a sleek, easy to use, RFID tag reader that fits right into your pocket.

As someone who has worked in the Australian thoroughbred industry, I am well and truly familiar with microchips in horses! At this point in time, I believe we still make use of colour, markings and brands to determine we have the right horse to breed, medicate or pregnancy test. But in time I know that will change as microchips become the main way to determine who a horse is.

Karl Mar Larusson, the founder of Anitar, says: “As dedicated riders, we keep a couple of horses at a farm nearby where they free range with horses of other owners. It’s not uncommon for people to confuse them. I wanted to have a solution to make sure anyone entering a stable has easy access to the microchip data: the idea for Anitar was born. Now, two and a half years later, we finally have a working prototype and are ready to go into production.”

The RFID Tag Reader by Anitar

So what can help to get this project off the ground? Firstly, 250 people who are willing to pre-order the Anitar tag reader. Apparently the device links directly between the animal in question and various databases. The WorldFengur Studbook is one such example. At the time of writing this post, just over $13,000 of an aimed $40,000 had been raised.

Note that this project will only be funded if it reaches the financial goal by Friday September 8th, AEST.

This device isn’t only for horse owners. It will be of benefit to breeders, vets, other horse professionals, farmers and even horse rescuers. Perhaps you’re interested in the idea of providing some funds to back this project? Head along to

You can pledge any amount you desire, but there are set figures that guarantee you something in return. Head along to the above link to find out more about this device and the development of it.

SPOGA Horse Autumn 2017 September

September of this year marks an international horse event that may be of interest to horse business owners! In Cologne, Germany is the SPOGA Horse Autumn festival of 2017.  It is recognised as the international trade fair for equestrian sports.  SPOGA runs from the 5th to the 7th of September.

Horse festivals are a great way to promote a product or service for the horse industry. They also raise business profile awareness and can generate international customers as well as many product sales! Equus Education has also featured details about Equitana, which is a similar horse event here in Australia.

Derriere Equestrian recently emailed me about their involvement in the SPOGA 2017 event. If you are a budding equine entrepreneur, perhaps you’d be keen to check out this event for future business promotion ideas! Or as someone who loves to travel and to see what new horse businesses have to offer, perhaps the idea of a trip to Germany in September appeals to you.

SPOGA Horse Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany

Have you Heard about the SPOGA Horse Event?

Have you Heard about the SPOGA Horse Event?

Either way, it would be worth making note of the SPOGA Horse event which happens on a regular basis. You may even want to create your own calendar of horse related events to keep an eye on – and attend! – as the years pass.

One event where myriads of horse people, riders, businessmen and women come together to promote themselves, their products and services and learn about others is a great networking opportunity.

Being able to attend and participate would be worth it! Or as is the case with Equitana each time it is held, you can volunteer your time and take part in helping the event to run smoothly. Perhaps this is an idea for your horse resume in the future?

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