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Equine Podcasts as a Business Tool

Recently I attended a friend’s wedding and got talking to the husband of one of the bridesmaids. He made reference to a podcast host and hosting network that he and a mate currently provided – New Pod World Order. This was done at a fee to those who wanted to be able to create a podcasting channel.  In time I got to thinking – equine podcasts!

There are equine channels on YouTube and horse related radio stations. Websites and blogs are numerous. So why not a podcast that relates to horses?

This is another topic that is only limited to your imagination and knowledge. Equine podcasts could build up a large following over time. How great to be able to tune into a particular horse trainer or someone else who is known in a certain field relating to horses? Racing, breeding, nutrition; the list goes on.

Equine Podcasts - Would you Listen?

Equine Podcasts – Would you Listen?

Equine Podcasts

What I love about the idea of a podcast is that you can download the audio file and listen to it later, or again! Perhaps you have a particular horse professional whose knowledge you’re really benefiting from. How great to be able to download their audio files and listen to them in your car or on your iPod later! Perhaps you can even listen to the audio just before you work with or ride your horse. In this way, the information is fresh in your mind for you to implement. Great!

Some people learn better from hearing, rather than reading. And if your eyes don’t like the idea of sitting in front of a computer screen for too long, then equine podcasts may be just for you! Horse information in audio form can be just as beneficial as the written form.

So how can this be turned into an income earner? If you’re providing valuable information, you could charge a fee for the files. People could pay to download the files, or they could pay a monthly subscription fee and have access to any/all files that you record.

Another option is to offer your audio for free, but to promote products within your podcasts. As people gain interest, they can check out these products on your site and purchase them.  An example of a horse related podcasting setup is Strides for Success. Why not check them out?

Equi-Promo – Promotion Products for Equine Events

I was recently made aware of another horse type of business through Twitter. Some may be familiar with a previous post on Equus Education about an equine events planner. Well perhaps they would work in collaboration with something like Equi-Promo. As it states on their website:

‘Equi-Promo is here to provide you promotional products for all of your equine events! Whether you’re going to a 4* event, you want to help advertise your club or you need to decorate your venue, we have the perfect products for you. From mugs to banners, pens to flags, we can meet all of your promotional needs and help to get you noticed! Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our products and what would work best for you, we’re always happy to help!’

Equi-Promo - what Horse Products would you use in Your Equine Business?

Equi-Promo – what Horse Products would you use in Your Equine Business?

I love how this information identifies some different types of events where their products could be of benefit to people. Firstly, a horse riding event at the top level – 4*. And then there is reference to a horse related club.  This could be a leisurely riding club, pony club or another kind of horse related club.


Or perhaps you have a venue for your horse related event – they can help in this area, too! I love that there is a company that focuses on equine promotional products.  This could be alongside having someone in particular to help organise your horse related event. Equi-Promo is a great business idea with a horse focus.

To be able to turn to someone who can help set up products with your horse business on them is a great thing. If they are particularly in the know about horse related businesses, then perhaps they will have horse specific products that you can make use of, too. It’s one thing to promote your business with horse products. It’s another entirely to have industry useful products with your logo and business name on them.

Monty Roberts Equus Online University

Boy have I not been aware of a niche area online! Although I too am offering horse related courses online (equine passive streams and breeding the mare), I wasn’t aware of how popular this was! Recently reading Alyssa Knee’s debut book, Spike, I was made aware of Monty Roberts Equus Online University.

Monty Roberts Equus Online University - Have you Enrolled?

Monty Roberts Equus Online University – Have you Enrolled?

It makes sense to me that trainers would have online courses.  Especially those who have gained a following locally – and even worldwide. How wonderful to be able to pay a subscription fee and to then have access to many resources. These often include videos and articles by the trainer/s.  In fact, there’s a deal going on their site currently:

Register now with the promotional code ‘DAYPASS’ and you’ll have access to over 350 Monty Roberts quick and easy training and instructional videos and lesson notes. Learn at your own pace with Monty Roberts. See for yourself why people say that Monty is the best, and the original ‘horse whisperer’, recognized by our international Equus community for his gentle and effective horse training.

Monty Roberts Equus Online University

Monty Roberts has his own website and products, which you can find here. To have his own domain and setup for an online university also, I think is awesome. Here you can access a lot of his resources and products. For those who are familiar with his join up work and the dually halter, you may be interested to purchase the head collar for your horse work.

Here is a trainer who provides some great examples of what you can turn into income through training and reaching other people:

  • videos that people subscribe to (passive income!)
  • live demonstrations that people pay to attend
  • horse products for better handling or welfare
  • qualifications to be able to teach others the same training method

Horse training will always be big, I believe. As long as we have domestic horses, we will need guidance. Having such a place as an online university for a particular method is great. It provides you with a local area to talk with others about their progress as well as learning.

Horse Hair Jewellery – Red-Tail Designs

Whilst reading Rosie and Scamper by Vicki Watson, I was made aware of the idea of horse hair jewellery. This was particularly in the form of bracelets made from horse hair.

At the end of this novel, Vicki provides details from one such jewellery designer. Susan of Red-Tail Designs has a website detailing the products that she makes and sells around the world. What’s unique about her designs is that they are named after specific horses that have affected her life.

As it says on her website:

Who knew a purchase from a tiny gift shop in a Montana airport would spark a new business venture?
That’s what happened in the mid-1990s when Susan Newquist found a barrette adorned with a simple 3-strand horse hair braid She bought the barrette, all the while thinking like any good craft aficionado, “I could make that.”

Horse Hair Jewellery

If you desire to have a personalised gift, then you can actually send her horse hair from your horse.  Or maybe a friend’s horse and it can be turned into jewellery. This can be a great memento for friends, especially if they have lost an equine friend.

Horse Hair Jewellery of Red-Tail Designs by Susan Newquist

Horse Hair Jewellery of Red-Tail Designs by Susan Newquist

This is another example of a unique horse related business and product. What is special about it is that it can be unique to each person.  This is through being created from the hair of a horse they know. There are a number of different designs available to buy, at varying prices. Being made from an animal product, there is a question of customs and getting the hair out of your country to Susan.  This is so that she can make your design. That said, it is possible to do and she can answer questions regarding custom queries as is shown on her site.

Further adding to her art, Susan also provides classes on creating jewellery like hers.  The events listed on her site don’t appear to be recent, but perhaps with enough interest she would be willing to do more!

“For the most part, I’d say if you crossed a cat with a smart dog, made him a matriarchal vegetarian, gave him sleek beauty, a mass of muscle, and the desire to run, then what you’d have is a horse.” ― Tom Spanbauer

Harmany Grazing Muzzles

I recently connected with someone on LinkedIn and was made aware of a different type of grazing muzzle. Harmany grazing muzzles are promoted as muzzles for horses that are lighter, breathable, adjustable and humane to name a few qualities.

Harmany Grazing Muzzles Focus on the Welfare of the Horse

Harmany Grazing Muzzles Focus on the Welfare of the Horse

Why on earth would a horse need a grazing muzzle? With the joys of domestication and improved pastures, often horses are able to eat too much of a good thing. When you consider that they can graze for 12 – 20 hours a day, it’s no surprise that they sometimes need restricting! A grazing muzzle can be a way for horses to be allowed out in paddocks with their companions, rather than restricted to a small yard or stall.

It also allows them to continue to graze – it just restricts their input. This is a lot healthier for an animal that needs food consistently moving through its digestive tract.

Harmany Grazing Muzzles

It’s great to see products that have been designed by people in the know. The Harmany muzzle has been designed by veterinarian Dr. Joyce Harmany. It boasts 25 – 50% more breathing room for horses. It is also said to mould to individual horse head shape.

Yes there are many horse products on the market out there. However, it’s quite possible that you’ve found a particular product that has a major flaw.  Or, you see how one can be improved greatly. It’s always an open market for the person who designs a product that is better! Perhaps your horse career future is in designing and marketing a future horse product for riding or welfare.

“A horse loves freedom, and the weariest old work horse will roll on the ground or break into a lumbering gallop when he is turned loose into the open.” ― Gerald Raftery

Horse Sense Business Sense

I have recently posted about the Horse Sense – Running with Mustangs program. This was the first time I was made aware of the Horse Sense Business Sense website and all that they offer. For those who are interested in Equine Assisted Practices, then this website will be of use to you, I am sure!

I first became aware of equine assisted practices through a friend who wanted to get into this field.  It was back in 2008 or so.  She was already a qualified occupational therapist and she had passion for horses.  It was her desire to somehow combine her passion with therapy to assist others.

The Horse Sense Business Sense website has been set us as an aid to professionals in various fields across Equine Assisted Learning. The Horse Sense OTC Family works to provide workshops, training, conferences, various programs and curriculums as well as a working student program.

Horse Sense Business Sense Assists Equine Assisted Learning Setups

Horse Sense Business Sense Assists Equine Assisted Learning Setups

Horse Sense Business Sense Assistance

I love this! It’s perhaps your one stop shop to learning how to get into the equine assisted learning field. Or maybe you’re ready to set up your own facility or business – why not gain resources and assistance? Perhaps you want to offer a place for working students in your local area – why not offer your property as part of their program?

As it says on their website:

“We are eager to help other Therapeutic Horsemanship, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning programs make it, and make a difference, in their community.”

They also have a Horse Sense Vets-for-Vets certification that is being set up for release in 2017. This will be taught over a 12 month period, by leaders in the field of therapeutic horsemanship – how exciting!

‘Why give a horse to a man who cannot ride?’ ― George R.R. Martin

Running with Mustangs (Horse Sense Program)

In Jenifer Morrissey’s book the Partnered Pony, there is reference to a youth development program. With a focus on incarcerated youth, Running with Mustangs has been set up. Because these youth have been recognised as involved in gang activity – or at risk of becoming so – this program has been set up to try and alleviate the problem.

Running with Mustangs

This initiative is an equine assisted cognitive behavioural therapy that is used with court ordered youth. The idea is that the program utilises problem solving activities with horses. The horses in question are mustangs. Following the EAGALA philosophy, Running with Mustangs is designed to teach at risk youth necessary skills for life. This is done through interactive activities with horses.

Running with Mustangs Targets at Risk Youth

Running with Mustangs Targets at Risk Youth

Perhaps you are interested in getting such a program started!  The course curriculum can be purchased from Horse Sense Business. You can also contact the team at Horse Sense Business to organise a consultation to get started. They also provide a policies and procedures manual to assist in establishing a program with:

“all the basic processes you need in place as you seek funding opportunities, as well as providing you with the systems you need for your human resources and business sense!”

I love that the Bureau of Land Management can provide mustangs to be made use of in this initiative. And it seems government funding is available.  So I am sure this will encourage suitably qualified horse people to take on the mustangs and provide such a program to at risk youth. Running with Mustangs sounds like a wonderful initiative.  It works to engage at risk youth, involve them with horses and fix a problem.

“A horse loves freedom, and the weariest old work horse will roll on the ground or break into a lumbering gallop when he is turned loose into the open.” ― Gerald Raftery

Rural Aid… Horse Aid

I have been hearing an advert on Visionfm for Rural Aid recently and was curious. A little bit of research indicated that there are half a dozen linked websites that help out in this area. Their aim is to provide aid to rural properties and also the people in need who run them. This could be done in the form of providing Christmas Hampers for struggling families or supplying bales of hay for stock in a drought. And I got to thinking – why not a horse aid setup?

Horse Aid - Would you set up such an Initiative?

Horse Aid – Would you set up such an Initiative?

Definitely farmers find themselves at the mercy of the elements. A drought or flood can greatly impact the success of a crop or stock. And this in turn affects the ability to bring in income to support the family – and the business.

Horse Aid Initiatives

Well the same can be said for horse properties. I’m not sure if there is already something out there, but I love the idea of a business or organisation that is set up to help horse properties, specifically – horse aid. Whether it’s to help businesses gain funding for horse care, or maybe to provide horse feed in times of drought, this is necessary at times. Or perhaps emergency transport can be provided to help move horses in times of fire. Rescue of horses or sources of food could also be provided in times of flood.

I am sure that there are many ways in which horse businesses can be assisted in times of need. Although many people own horses for pleasure, many also do it for business. The racing industry in Australia is one of the top employers across the country – to have a horse aid setup to help horse businesses survive in times of trouble would greatly benefit many.

I am also sure that many people would be interested in helping such an initiative. Perhaps through donating funds or maybe through volunteering their time and skills to assist horse properties and businesses. Or maybe even through helping to spread the word about horses in need so others can assist. Horse aid – would you be interested in setting up such an initiative?

On a side note, if the idea of rural aid interests you, there are volunteering opportunities as well as the chance to donate.

Horseman’s Jingle by Jerry Williams

I love reading horse books that give me ideas about other horse ventures people are participating in. I have been able to learn about a third horse business idea through Jenifer Morrissey’s book, the Partnered Pony. This time the focus was on the Horseman’s Jingle by Jerry Williams.

Now to me, a jingle is a little song that you might hear, advertising a product. But according to Jerry’s website, it indicates:

Taken from the great basin term, jingle, for gathering horses, The Horseman’s Jingle is the place where aspiring horsemen gather to learn, encourage, and support one another.

The Horseman’s Jingle - Have you Heard of it?

The Horseman’s Jingle – Have you Heard of it?

I love this idea! There is so much that we can learn from each other. We can also help others to be accountable for their actions, their words and even their aspirations. As Jenifer points out in her book:

Horseman’s Jingle founder Jerry Williams suggests that sometimes it’s better to invest a little time in ourselves because in the end we’ll be better partners for our equines. He emphasizes that 80% of success is mental; it isn’t always about ‘doing.’

Jerry promotes himself on his site as a mindset and communication strategist. I love that he uses horses to do this! He aptly says, ‘Everything starts with a thought… Make it count.’ We definitely need to hold our thoughts captive and make sure they’re positive and proactive. Interested in knowing more about what Jerry does? You can check out his website.

Focusing on the philosophy of true horsemanship developing from the inside of a person, out, the website boasts online courses, MasterClass clinics as well as private and group coaching. It is set up to help people stay on track (focused), to encourage them to develop new skills and to build upon what is already known.

“Horses are calmer than people. They also don’t throw things at cats.” ― Tamora Pierce

Attending Horse Events for Business

There are a lot of horse events around the world that you can utilise.  Have you considered the idea of attending horse events for business?

When I worked for the National Centre for Equine Education, we made a point of attending Equitana.  This was a trade show we used to highlight our horse courses.  It was a great opportunity to show what we taught and how (online, flexible delivery, face to face).  We could also meet prospective students.  Plus, it helped people to be aware of us.

Brand awareness is one thing that all horse businesses need.  With that in mind, are you aware of the following horse events around the world?

If one of your goals with your horse business is to establish yourself internationally, then a priority should be to know about trade shows around the world that are relevant to you.  From here, research what is involved in having a trade stand and get busy!

Would Your Horse Product or Service Benefit from Attending Horse Events for Business?

Would Your Horse Product or Service Benefit from Attending Horse Events for Business?

Attending Horse Events for Business

There may be a horse trade show in your local state or country.  Otherwise, you may need to look overseas.  If it’s your dream to set up a product or service that is known by all equestrians or horse owners, then trade shows will definitely be of benefit.  The internet is great for raising brand awareness.  However, for many, the opportunity to touch and feel a product – and meet the people behind it – goes so much further in guaranteeing a sale.

“A horse which stops dead just before a jump and thus propels its rider into a graceful arc provides a splendid excuse for general merriment.” ― Philip, Duke of Ediburgh


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