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An Equine Sales Agent – the go Between Person

There are many people today who are looking to buy a horse. Perhaps their first horse or their fifth. Likewise, there are a lot of people who are advertising horses for sale. There is a particular person who acts as the go between for these two types of people.  It is the equine sales agent.

Would you use an Equine Sales Agent for a fee?

Would you use an Equine Sales Agent for a fee?

An equine sales agent matches potential buyers with sellers. After finding out what a person is looking for in a horse, they then research possible matches. At the end of the day, the ideal is that the agent is able to pair up a seller with a buyer. The job in itself may require many hours of:

  • researching the horse market
  • determining distances between buyers and sellers
  • organising transport for purchased horses
  • organising necessary accommodation for travelling buyers

The Equine Sales Agent

The position as a whole can entail quite a bit and be a lengthy process. Upon a successful sale, the equine sales agent is paid for their time and effort. This could be a percentage of the sale price, based on the hours invested or predetermined another way.

For those who love to research horses for sale and determining the logistics of a horse viewing and potential buy, this position may be of interest. It would require knowing a lot about varying disciplines, horse movement and conformation, soundness and the places to look for horses. It would also require knowing where to look for potential buyers.  This could be a great way to bring in income without having to generate a product to sell.

“Simon’s horse was defective, or possibly a genius that had worked out that Simon could not possibly control it. It went off for a wander in the woods, with Simon on its back alternately pleading, threatening, and offering bribes.” ― Cassandra Clare

Mentoring for a Horse Career

I was made aware of a website online awhile ago that offered part time / casual work for mentors. If you were to be mentoring people, then you made yourself available via Skype or online to be able to talk with mentees at a time that mutually suited. Mentoring could be in relation to study, career choice or other life choices. And this got me to thinking – why not mentoring for a horse career?

So there are two options I believe for this to be a horse career:

  • Someone could set up and provide a place online where people are able to mentor others with regards to horses
  • People can become a mentor with regards to horses for those in need
Mentoring for a Horse Career - Would you do it?

Mentoring for a Horse Career – Would you do it?

So this perhaps raises the question – what would someone need a mentor for? And what that relates to horses?

Take your pick! People could provide mentoring in the areas of :

  • Buying your first horse
  • Choosing a horse career
  • Help with organisation of a horse business
  • Assistance with regards to studying horses / completing a horse course

Mentoring for a Horse Career

I am sure there are many people with a wealth of skills, knowledge and qualifications regarding horses. It’s quite possible that they could couple this with a desire to help others. If there was a place online that linked capable mentors with those seeking guidance, I believe this could be another way to earn income in the horse industry.

Whether you’re just starting out with horses or in the horse industry, or whether you’re a season pro – what area do you think you could have had the assistance of a mentor in?

“For many young girls, having a horse of their own ranks high on the scale of importance, right up there with breathing.” ― Kim Meeder

Horse Video Subscriptions – Warwick Schiller

Whilst reading Spike by Alyssa Knee, I saw a reference to online horse video subscriptions. The trainer referenced was Warwick Schiller. With trusty old Google, a search online quickly brought up some relevant results.

Warwick Schiller has a focus on performance horsemanship. Much can be learnt from horse trainers. With the ability to access videos online, we can specifically see an idea being acted out with a horse and the results. The trainer can also provide feedback as they carry out the task, or later as a voice over.

Horse Video Subscriptions - what would you Subscribe to?

Horse Video Subscriptions – what would you Subscribe to?

Warwick has on his website horse video subscriptions. There is the chance for anyone to subscribe to these on a monthly basis, or even annually. Now this can have appeal for many reasons:

  • You can sign up for the monthly subscription.  Then you can watch as much as you possibly can in that timeframe (there are over 400 videos)
  • You can take your time over a yearly subscription  From here, set yourself a goal of watching a certain number of videos a week/month to improve your horse knowledge
  • You can try out concepts discussed in these videos with horses that you work with
  • This is another great example of passive income.  The videos are made once and paid for by subscribers so that they can be viewed over and again

Horse Video Subscriptions

For many well known trainers and horse people out there, video subscriptions have a great following. Videos can be created by horse people in the know on training, riding, presenting, feeding, trimming feet – the list goes on!

If you want to learn more about horses in a particular field, have a search online for videos that relate to this. If you want to share your wealth of knowledge and earn an income from it, consider videos that people subscribe to view. Horse video subscriptions work both ways.

Horse Sense Business Sense

I have recently posted about the Horse Sense – Running with Mustangs program. This was the first time I was made aware of the Horse Sense Business Sense website and all that they offer. For those who are interested in Equine Assisted Practices, then this website will be of use to you, I am sure!

I first became aware of equine assisted practices through a friend who wanted to get into this field.  It was back in 2008 or so.  She was already a qualified occupational therapist and she had passion for horses.  It was her desire to somehow combine her passion with therapy to assist others.

The Horse Sense Business Sense website has been set us as an aid to professionals in various fields across Equine Assisted Learning. The Horse Sense OTC Family works to provide workshops, training, conferences, various programs and curriculums as well as a working student program.

Horse Sense Business Sense Assists Equine Assisted Learning Setups

Horse Sense Business Sense Assists Equine Assisted Learning Setups

Horse Sense Business Sense Assistance

I love this! It’s perhaps your one stop shop to learning how to get into the equine assisted learning field. Or maybe you’re ready to set up your own facility or business – why not gain resources and assistance? Perhaps you want to offer a place for working students in your local area – why not offer your property as part of their program?

As it says on their website:

“We are eager to help other Therapeutic Horsemanship, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning programs make it, and make a difference, in their community.”

They also have a Horse Sense Vets-for-Vets certification that is being set up for release in 2017. This will be taught over a 12 month period, by leaders in the field of therapeutic horsemanship – how exciting!

‘Why give a horse to a man who cannot ride?’ ― George R.R. Martin

Light Hands Equitation with Steve Halfpenny

I recently came across Steve Halfpenny’s site, Light Hands Equitation. I signed up to his email list late last year.  This was to be able to gain access to some of his resources for free. You can find details on that and many others on the Equus Education Free Horse Resources board on Pinterest. Do a search for light hands equitation, as it’s toward the end of the pins on this board.

Steve is able to make use of technology to teach people around the world, from his home in South Australia. A recent article highlighted the course that Steve offers. It stated that he had developed:

“a six week online program that showed the process from start to finish of how to develop your horsemanship using ‘Light Hands Equitation’ methods to bring on a horse in a relaxed, soft, light and sympathetic manner.”

This is now known as the Light Hands Equitation six week masterclass. There is also a monthly membership that students can make use of.  In this way they have consistent access to Steve and his teachings. For those keen to make use of this, it states in a recent article:

Light Hands Equitation Focuses on being a Sensitive Rider

Light Hands Equitation Focuses on being a Sensitive Rider

“From now until Jan 30th 2017, you can enjoy your first month’s access to Steve’s monthly membership program for just $1 using this coupon code: ONEDOLLAR.”

This is another example of being able to make use of your knowledge and skills with horses to bring in an income. With course fees and monthly memberships, it looks like it could even become a residual income earner.

Are you looking to improve your riding this year?  Then Steve’s Light Hands Equitation site may be just what you’re looking for.  Sign up today for the freebies and see what you think!

“When I hear somebody talk about a horse or cow being stupid; I figure it’s a sure sign that the animal has somehow outfoxed them” ― Tom Dorrance

The Equine Lameness Prevention Organization

Whilst reading Jenifer Morrissey’s the Partnered Pony, reference was made to the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization. Otherwise known as ELPO, this is a non-profit organization. Their mission is:

‘to provide hoof care and equine care guidelines that are based upon research and the practical experiences of successful equine care professionals from around the world.’

As it states on the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization website, they consider themselves a community.

‘Welcome to a Community that is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of lameness in horses. This social network was designed to be a place where horse owners, horse enthusiasts and equine professionals can go to get help, offer assistance to others, exchange ideas, and socialize about the health & soundness of their equine companions.’

Would you Make use of the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization?

Would you Make use of the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization?

I love this concept! How wonderful to have a place online where people can meet, discuss ideas or raise concerns. They can help each other to learn to be better stewards of the animals in their care. In particular, in the area of hoof care.

You can become a member of ELPO for a fee. The result is that you help to fund evidence based studies as well as gain access to videos, articles, blogs and discussion forums to help aid your learning.

For those interested in ELPO events, there is an event calendar on the site. This includes details on barefoot trimming courses, as well as courses in identifying lameness and gaining certification. The education page also provides some .pdf resources for those who are after some more reading!

For those who are interested in learning more about how to care for their horses feet, check out ELPO. If you’re pursuing farriery as a horse career, then be sure to look at the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization, too!

“He moved like a dancer, which is not surprising; a horse is a beautiful animal, but it is perhaps most remarkable because it moves as if it always hears music.” ― Mark Helprin

Horse Book Interactive Site

I have recently come across FictFact whilst looking up an equine author. It looks like an interesting tool and my books are in the process of being added. Whilst browsing, once again I got to thinking… there are a few different sites that allow for your love of books to be interactive and public – Goodreads and LibraryThing come to mind. So why not a horse book interactive site?

It seems that FictFact provides details in particular on book series. In this way, you can keep up to date on new releases in series from authors. You can also make sure you’re reading the series in book order.

Great idea! I love that Goodreads allows you to track your progress as you read a book. Opportunities to read and review on Goodreads and Librarything are appealing, too.

Horse Book Interactive Site

A Horse Book Interactive Site could Benefit Horse Authors and Readers

A Horse Book Interactive Site could Benefit Horse Authors and Readers

FictFact makes their money through affiliate sales on Amazon as well as donations via PayPal. For the horse book enthusiast, I am sure a horse book interactive site could be set up and earn an income in time. Things to include could cover:

  • Ability to rate horse books
  • Chance to follow authors and book series
  • Links to be able to buy horse books
  • Chances to vote on best horse books and covers
  • Interviews with horse book authors

Really, what is included is down to the programming capabilities of the creator/s and their imagination!  This is a potential residual income earner, too.

A horse book interactive site I believe could become as popular as Goodreads with horse fans. And when it comes to horse authors, I am sure they would also love such a set up to promote their works.

“From horses we may learn not only about the horse itself but also about animals in general, indeed about ourselves and about life as a whole.” ― George Gaylord Simpson

Horses and Logging

As I read through Jenifer Morrissey’s the Partnered Pony book, I have had my eyes opened to yet another horse business opportunity.  Horses and logging! One particular statement caught my eye:

And of course I have used my Fjord and my Shetland-Welsh cross for forest work in our logging business.

Although I have read a few novels on Kindle lately that reference the logging industry, I hadn’t really considered this as a horse domain. And yet a quick search online shows that horses are still a favourite for carrying out logging work.

In a world where we want to do things efficiently, horses are appealing.  When there is a focus on sustainability and doing things green, horses too are appealing.

Horses and Logging: Draft Horses have Many Uses

Horses and Logging: Draft Horses have Many Uses

Many reasons are put forward for the benefits of utilising horses over machines to carry out logging:

  • They make less of a negative impact on the area
  • They utilise environmentally friendly ‘fuel’ in the form of hay and grain and release a lot less gasses to be concerned about
  • They can be cheaper to run
  • Horses are easier to navigate around such an environment

Check out an interesting fact sheet put together by the University of Kentucky about the benefits of using horses for logging.  Note that it seems to be detailing information collected from 1996, however.

There are also a heap of logging resources found on the Rural Heritage website. Details are provided of teams for sale.  And there are even apprenticeships that knowledgeable draft people can undertake in the area of farming.

Perhaps you have a love for draft breeds and so the idea of horses and logging appeals to you.  Maybe your fascination lies in pine and how logging is carried out.  Or maybe you’d love to breed horses that can be utilised in the logging industry.  Whatever your focus, it seems to me that there are plenty of opportunities for horse fans to consider the logging industry as a possible area to work.

Equine Veterinarians Australia

Equine Veterinarians Australia - would it Benefit Your Career?

Equine Veterinarians Australia – would it Benefit Your Career?

Perhaps you’re aspiring to get into a particular field or you’re already in it.  Either way, it’s important to know about associations that can assist you.  This may be in the form of learning new skills or facts.  Or perhaps it’s in updating your qualification and also networking in the industry.  Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA) is one such organisation.  It should be of interest to aspiring veterinarians within Australia!

Equine Veterinarians Australia offers many benefits.  As it states on their site:

Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA) is a special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and the premier provider of continuing professional development for equine veterinarians in Australia.
With an emphasis on providing the support members need to remain at the forefront of equine veterinary medicine, EVA also represents the interests of members to governments and equine industry groups.
EVA maintains strong links with both equine organisations and horse owners. An important role for EVA is providing both advice and information to the people who care for horses to ensure that Australian horses enjoy the best possible health and welfare.

It should interest you as you pursue a particular equine career, to find such associations.  They can greatly benefit your learning, networking and also provide other opportunities.

Equine Veterinarians Australia

The EVA provides lectures to increase your knowledge.  They also offer the opportunity to be listed as a vet online.  There is also information regarding the Bain Fallon Memorial lectures.  These offer a week of world class equine veterinary continuing education.

For those who may be interested in the Bain Fallon Memorial event in 2017, which is held in July, there are scholarship opportunities.  Applications open in February of 2017.  The scholarship offers a spectacular chance for those wanting to network in both the veterinarian industry within Australia and with international veterinarians.

“I don’t like people,” said Velvet. “… I only like horses.” ― Enid Bagnold,

The Guide Horse Foundation

I was fascinated to learn about the idea of a guide horse foundation! Many people are familiar with the works of guide dogs, but perhaps less so that there are horses that also fill this role. Or perhaps I should say, miniature horses!

The mission of the guide horse foundation is:

…to provide a safe, cost-effective and reliable mobility alternative for visually impaired people. The Guide Horse Foundation is committed to delivering Guide Horses at no cost to the blind, relying on un-paid volunteers and charitable donations to pay all travel and housing expenses for the blind handler’s on-site training.

Miniature Horses are Working Well for the Guide Horse Foundation

Miniature Horses are Working Well for the Guide Horse Foundation

Founded back in 1999, the Guide Horse Foundation was initially an experimental program. The idea was to assess whether or not miniature horses could be used as assistance animals to those who are visually impaired.

For those who need an animal to assist them, it is great to know there is an alternative. Perhaps for the visually impaired person who also happens to be a horse lover. Or perhaps for the blind person who is allergic to dogs. The fact that horses live longer than dogs has also been listed as a reason why they may be chosen over dogs as a guide.

According to the Guide Horse Foundation website, 27% of people surveyed internationally indicated that they would choose a Guide Horse if they were in need of such assistance.

For those who love the idea of training horses, perhaps this niche area pulls at you! Taking on the training of miniature horses can benefit the local community.  It’s a great chance to train horses to go on and do something extraordinary for others in need. You can train horses but also be helping people who are visually impaired. What a great cause!

‘Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls, they give us hope.’ ― Toni Robinson

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