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Free Online Equine Behaviour Course

Hi everyone!  I love to be able to share free horse related resources online and this one could improve your education in 2016!  If you’re interested, take a look at this link for CAFRE –

There are two courses on offer, one that is free and online:

Online Equine Behaviour & welfare
Equine Behaviour and Welfare is the latest topic to be covered in the CAFRE suite of online equine courses. This course will cover natural equine behaviour, development of abnormal behaviours and how management and training practices affect behaviour and impact on horse welfare. This is a free course and is aimed at participants wanting to gain a better understanding of equine behaviour and how it impacts on welfare of the horse. The course will run over four weeks, from 13th January until 10th February. Participants can study at their own pace, and can access the lectures at any time from the comfort of their own home. Course registration closes Wednesday 6th January 2016.

Certificate in the Principles of Horse Care
The Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Horse Care is an accredited course which will run over 8 weeks at Greenmount Campus, Antrim. This is a theory based course which will cover aspects of horse care including Feeding & Watering, Horse Health and Welfare, Fitting Horse Clothing such as tack, rugs and stable bandages, Health & Safety when working with horses and Employment Rights and Responsibilities. The course will run on a Wednesday evening starting on Wednesday 3rd February from 7:00 to 9:30 pm. The course is suitable for anyone over 16 years of age, wishing to improve their understanding of horses and stable management and will be particularly valuable to anyone working in the equine industry to enhance their knowledge. There will be a one off exam registration fee of £55. Course registration closes on Wednesday 20th January 2016.

For further information and to register for either of these courses, follow this link

How to Construct Electric Fencing for Horses & Other Livestock: A Step-by-Step Guide by Jenny Griffin

Electric Fencing for Horses & Other Livestock by Jenny Griffin

This quick how to guide was a free download on Amazon recently and if you can score it as such, is a great free resource for the property owner! Griffin discusses different types of electric fencing, what is best for which stock (horses, cattle, sheep, goats, etc) and what is needed to make up an electric fencing set.

She covers the ideas of mains power operated electric fencing, battery operated and solar and whether or not the fencing is intended to be temporary or permanent. Pros and cons are considered for each type – including how cost effective they are.

When it comes to the actual setting up of an electric fence for horses, measurements are also suggested with regards to the spacing between posts and between individual wires, depending on how many you plan to utilise.

I would have liked more diagrams to lay out measurements between posts and electric tape rails, but the book in itself is a great overall guide and provides some extra resources and reading at the end of it. This is one worth looking into for those who plan to set up their own horse fencing in the future.

Author – Jenny Griffin
Non Fiction – Horse fences
In my library? – that it is!
Want it? Find it now at Amazon.

“The grass is always greener on the other side.” – Author unknown

Bartering in a Horse World

There’s a fundraising campaign going on for the radio station I listen to, Visionfm and after their focus on raising funds via donations, I heard an advert indicating that if listeners made use of Bartercard, and they had built up points, then they could donate to Vision in this way. Great idea!

It got me thinking again about how this could be utilised in the Equine Industry. Some of you may be familiar with the free resource, the Equestrian Exchange on Facebook. If not, check it out!

The idea is that you offer a product or service in exchange for another product or service that will benefit you or your horse business. For example, an equine author offers a copy of their book in exchange for a review.

What Would you Barter from your Horse Business for hay for your Horses?

As a business owner of a horse feed store, you may offer a load of hay to the stud down the road in exchange for the chance to breed your mare to one of their stallions. My previous bosses at two different jobs (training and breeding) bartered by the breeder sending stock to the trainer for racing and the trainer sending some broodmares to the stud for his stallions. They helped each other out.

What if there was a setup like Bartercard that catered specifically to the horse world? Perhaps you love the idea of setting up a business and this appeals to you. It would require:

  • approaching horse businesses about taking part
  • setting up a points system equivalent to a money system
  • developing a way to promote businesses involved
  • determining how you would make money from the system as the creator

I’m sure that there’s more that would need working out, but it’s some fodder for thought.

“To barter: exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money.”

Setting up Your Horse Business Online

At the moment I’m undertaking a course to learn a little more about internet marketing on your own website.  Even better than the course being free, you get paid to do tasks as you work your way to creating a website, blog and adding Google Adsense.

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If you’re thinking of paying for internet hosting and setting up a website, I encourage you to take a look at this course via Shoemoney.  If you’re already planning to invest in a business website, then why not do it via this course that pays you in real time into your Paypal account as you do so?

Your only expense will be your internet hosting through a service provider Blue Host, otherwise you will be receiving payments as you progress through generating a .com (free with your hosting) and setting up your website.  The course is explained via videos and the first $1USD you make can be done in 5 minutes.

If you’re thinking of setting up your online presence for your horse business, take this step now and earn a little extra on the side!

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Free Trial for Horse Lifestyle

So I received this email and thought it worth sharing:

Amsterdam, NL, October 23, 2015HorseLifestyle.TV, an online streaming service for horse enthusiasts, will go live worldwide this November. Members will be able to watch a broad selection of films, series, books and, magazines, centered around the horse. To celebrate the global launch, Horse Lifestyle® gives away the first 10.000 memberships.

Enjoy Your Lifestyle, Anytime, Anywhere
HorseLifestyle.TV brings stories for people with a heart for horses to get inspired, and learn from in an entertaining way. People from all over the world, can watch and read horse related content, when and as much as they want. HorseLifestyle.TV will be available for $12.95 a month, on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones connected to the internet.

Join the Herd
People can sign up for a one-month free trial via HorseLifestyle.TV/free-trial as of this Saturday. The free month will start when HorseLifestyle.TV goes live in November.

A great idea for another horse related medium that brings in an income, and one that allows many to watch and learn!  Why not check it out or tell someone who may be interested in benefiting from the free trial?

“I discovered that the horse is life itself, a metaphor but also an example of life’s mystery and predictability, of life’s generosity and beauty, a worthy object of repeated and ever changing contemplation.” – Jane Smiley

Healthy Land, Healthy Horses Free Workshop

Well Stuart Myers is going to be about in North East Victoria at the end of November presenting another of his and Jane’s invaluable free workshops.

Run on Sunday November 29th, it is being held from 10am – 4pm in Myrtleford.  Check out the link above, but it will cover:

Learn about:

  • Horse health & welfare
  • The relationship between horses and pasture
  • Pasture management systems
  • Worm & manure management

Discover how to manage your property in such a way that:

  • Your horses can carry out more of their natural behaviours and increase their daily movement
  • You save time and money
  • Your land is managed sustainably, with improved pasture cover and soil health, and reduced erosion and run-off

If you’re in the area and have the day free, why not check it out?  Registration required!

Horse Affiliate Programs

You may be aware that I am setting myself a goal to turn this blog into a viable form of income.  Consequently, I thought it may be worth looking into avenues to take part in affiliate programs that are horse related.

If you have a horse blog/website, you may be interested, too!  Here’s what I’ve found:

There are many more options out there if you do a search on horse and affiliate. These are just some of the ones that appeared in the first page of results for me.

As a blog owner, you may be interested in these to bring in some extra money from your site.  As an equine entrepreneur, you may be interested in establishing a similar system with an equine focus!  Consider the likes of who seem to have mainstreamed being able to add affiliate programs to your site.

“A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.” – Ovid

Teach in a Box – Horse Educational Resources

I was contacted recently by Ray Alam, of Teach in a Box, an Australian based online marketplace where teachers can buy and sell educational resources. You may have seen my previous posts about Teachers Pay Teachers in which I have a store of educational horse resources or Udemy in which I have an online course for Breeding the Mare.

If you are able to develop horse resources, any of these three platforms may be of interest to you with regards to making them available to people online and bringing in another form of income. Like with anything, there are some people who make a full time wage (and then some!!) and others who make pocket change. Either way, who would turn away a little extra money?

The great thing about each of these online sources is that they’re free to join and you can benefit financially as well as by building a name for yourself as an expert educator in a particular horse related field. Why not check them out?

TeachinaBox is due for launch October 21. You’re welcome to head on over and check out the products that I have listed there and perhaps consider signing up yourself – be sure to list me as your referrer (christinemeunier)!

“The spirited horse, which will try to win the race of its own accord, will run even faster if encouraged.” – Ovid

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Free Online Equine Breeding Course

I’ve recently finished another free short course with CAFRE and they’ve sent out an email to advise of when their next course is on offer! Have an interest in equine reproduction? Then you may want to check out their next free course, being run in April:

We would like to let you know that we are running another online course in April titled An Introduction Equine Breeding. This is a re run of the course which we ran in 2014. This free online workshop covering Equine Breeding will start on 22nd April 2015 and will run over three weeks. Subjects covered include Gestation and Pregnancy Detection, Broodmare Health and Foaling.

Participants must enrol online by Wednesday 15th April

Follow this link to enrol online

Once you have logged in to the CAFRE website you must enrol on the Introduction to Equine Breeding – online delivery 1 course. You will then receive an email containing an enrollment reference number.

Once you have enrolled, you will be sent joining instructions a couple of days before the course starts on Wednesday 22nd April. If you do not receive this email please contact us.

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