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Horsi – Australian Horse Social Network

Awhile back I wrote a post about a social networking site for horse lovers – Horse Networking.  Sadly this site seems to no longer exist!  I have just come across one aimed at Australian horse people and businesses, however.  It is called Horsi.

Horsi – the Network for Horse Lovers – is free to use and quick to sign up to.  It is designed so people have a profile, can add their equine business(es) and even add horse details.

Horsi: would you use a Horse Social Networking Site?

Horsi: would you use a Horse Social Networking Site?

A quick search on the site shows that they have different categories for horses businesses to advertise in:

  • Agistment
  • Arena Hire
  • Farrier
  • Floats and Trucks
  • Lessons and Coaching
  • Photographer
  • Veterinarian

And there are many more.  Horsi looks to be me, to be a great place to establish a presence online and connect with other horse people who may want to do business with you.  Or, they may be able to help you find the horse business connection you’re looking for.

You are able to connect with people and ‘follow’ them.  And of course, you can keep up to date on the Horsi news via their Facebook page.

If you’re a horse fan in Australia, then this site may be worth looking into.  It seems to be just setting up, but also a great chance to connect with other Australians who love horses and are perhaps doing business in the horse field.

If you have a horse business in Australia, then it can’t hurt you to further your online presence.  You can do this very quickly by signing up to Horsi.

For those who love internet marketing; perhaps there is still a niche for other horse networking sites.  This is particularly so as this site seems to cater to Australians.  There are plenty of other countries out there with many horse business people, horse fans and internet use.  Food for thought.


Parasites and Your Horse – CAFRE Free Course

Parasites and Your Horse: Free Online Course

Parasites and Your Horse: Free Online Course

Well CAFRE are once again offering a free online course!  I love these!  This one focuses on parasite management (Parasites and Your Horse) and you need to register by July 15th.

Here are the details that were emailed out to me:

Parasites and Your Horse – Online Course

CAFRE has launched a new online short course covering parasites in horses. The course will cover common parasites affecting the horse including life cycles, infestation and control methods.  The course will be delivered completely online allowing flexible study at a convenient time. The course is aimed at participants who care and manage horses at all levels, for example private owners, leisure riders, grooms, instructors, coaches, stable staff and non-equine vet nurses are all potential participants.

Two lectures will be available from 20th July until 31st August 2016.  For more information and to register for this course on the CAFRE website by following this link  Registration closes 15th July 2016. This is a free course.

As I always say, you can’t go wrong things that are free!  And you should always be working to educate yourself.  Whether this is an area you’re familiar with or not, why not sign up?  You can learn a lot or refresh your memory!

Parasites and equines is an ongoing issue – we will never be rid of them fully.  As horse owners and horse carers, it is important to find out what the latest research indicates with regards to managing parasites and our horses.

You may find that management recommendations save you money by helping you to target parasites at the right time of year.  It will also benefit your horse’s health by reducing worm burdens.  If you manage other people’s horses as well as your own, they will thank you for keeping your knowledge current and putting it into practice.

Free Short Course at CAFRE

Hi everyone!  I have received this email and wanted to share:

CAFRE are holding an update on recent Advances in Equine Management at the Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan, on Wednesday 1st June at 7:30pm.

The event offers an update on practices used to manage horses at CAFRE and on new developments in the industry.

– Do you need to worm? Could you save money with targeted worming?

o New equine tapeworm test will be demonstrated

o Faecal Worm Egg Testing

– Methods of monitoring your horse’s body weight

– New developments in the industry.

Follow this link for further information and to book your place.

Free Event – Everyone Welcome!

If you are in the area and available to attend this course, why not head along?  Free information is always worth pursuing when it comes to how you can better manage your horses.

Developing an Online Horse Store for Your Business

There are so many opportunities online these days to sell products that you have developed.  Have you considered an online horse store for your business?

If looking at things from an artistic point of view (drawing, photography, jewellery, etc) you may be interested to know about avenues you can utilise to sell your horse related products.

  • Storenvy – check out Galloping Graphics on Storenvy; you can set up your own store for free within minutes.
  • Etsy –  a search on ‘horse’ brings up so much!  A commission is charged for each sale made, so you’re not spending to set up, instead you and Etsy profit when you make a sale.

If you create educational resources, then you can offer courses online or products online via the following:

Developing an Online Horse Store: what Horse Product or Service could you sell Online?

Developing an Online Horse Store: what Horse Product or Service could you sell Online?

A lot of people sell products and services online via their own websites.  Take a look at the post on Equus Education about Horse Lover’s Math.  Consider online horse magazines where you can pay for subscriptions, horse clothes you can order or any other type of product or service.

Chances are if you can think of something to sell relating to your horse business, there is already a way to provide this online!  Many times you can utilise free resources and find that your partnership with the platform provider is mutually beneficial.

Don’t hold off setting things up.  Instead, do your research and get going!  Why not set up your equine business idea online this year?

“There are many wonderful places in the world, but one of my favorite places is on the back of my horse.” – Rolf Kopfle

Olivia Inglis Eventing Scholarship

If you’re up to date on equestrian news in Australia, you will have heard about the tragic death of Olivia Inglis.  This occurred whilst she was eventing recently at a competition in New South Wales.

Want a career riding horses – specifically eventing?  This new scholarship in Australia may be just what you’re looking for.  In memory of Olivia’s life and riding career, a scholarship has been established to help future eventers realise their dreams.

The Olivia Inglis Eventing Scholarship will provide emerging riders with funding to support their training and competition…

At the Awards Night, Blair Richardson, President of Scone Horse Trials said:
“We are delighted that Equestrian NSW in conjunction with the Australian Sports Foundation will administer this fund.  The scholarship will be awarded… to help young riders in the sport of Eventing. These riders can use the funding to obtain extra lessons, or schooling, to help them in their career over the coming years.”

Olivia Inglis Carries a Surname that is Well Known for those in the Thoroughbred Sale World in Australia

The Inglis Name is Well Known in the Thoroughbred Industry in Australia

The idea of the memorial fund scholarship is to provide finances that will achieve:

  • the opportunity to honour a life that was ended too quickly
  • easing the pain that is felt from the loss of Olivia Inglis’ life
  • bringing about something good from the loss
  • helping to finance the next generation of Australian’s who go on to be Olympic level riders

Do you have a passion for eventing?  Do you want to pursue it as a horse riding career?  This may be a scholarship worth keeping an eye on!  Especially if you’re Australia based.

Eventing can be a difficult sport to get into.  Consider the cost of a good horse, horse care and riding lessons.  Gaining funds through a scholarship can make the difference for establishing riders.

For those who are interested in donating to the fund, they can do so via this link.  Donations are tax deductible.

“In riding a horse, we borrow freedom.” – Helen Thompson

7 Day Startup Challenge

Hi everyone!

If you’re planning to (or thinking about) starting your equine business this year, then why not join in the free event, the 7 Day Startup Challenge?

Starting January 19, this free event is designed for entrepreneurs to help them launch their business idea in 7 days!  Sometimes all we need is a little push from people in the know.  Of course, free resources help, too!

Check it out.

“Half the failures in life result from pulling in one’s horse when it is leaping.” – Author Unknown

Free Online Equine Behaviour Course

Hi everyone!  I love to be able to share free horse related resources online and this one could improve your education in 2016!  If you’re interested, take a look at this link for CAFRE –

There are two courses on offer, one that is free and online:

Online Equine Behaviour & welfare
Equine Behaviour and Welfare is the latest topic to be covered in the CAFRE suite of online equine courses. This course will cover natural equine behaviour, development of abnormal behaviours and how management and training practices affect behaviour and impact on horse welfare. This is a free course and is aimed at participants wanting to gain a better understanding of equine behaviour and how it impacts on welfare of the horse. The course will run over four weeks, from 13th January until 10th February. Participants can study at their own pace, and can access the lectures at any time from the comfort of their own home. Course registration closes Wednesday 6th January 2016.

Certificate in the Principles of Horse Care
The Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Horse Care is an accredited course which will run over 8 weeks at Greenmount Campus, Antrim. This is a theory based course which will cover aspects of horse care including Feeding & Watering, Horse Health and Welfare, Fitting Horse Clothing such as tack, rugs and stable bandages, Health & Safety when working with horses and Employment Rights and Responsibilities. The course will run on a Wednesday evening starting on Wednesday 3rd February from 7:00 to 9:30 pm. The course is suitable for anyone over 16 years of age, wishing to improve their understanding of horses and stable management and will be particularly valuable to anyone working in the equine industry to enhance their knowledge. There will be a one off exam registration fee of £55. Course registration closes on Wednesday 20th January 2016.

For further information and to register for either of these courses, follow this link

How to Construct Electric Fencing for Horses & Other Livestock: A Step-by-Step Guide by Jenny Griffin

Electric Fencing for Horses & Other Livestock by Jenny Griffin

This quick how to guide was a free download on Amazon recently and if you can score it as such, is a great free resource for the property owner! Griffin discusses different types of electric fencing, what is best for which stock (horses, cattle, sheep, goats, etc) and what is needed to make up an electric fencing set.

She covers the ideas of mains power operated electric fencing, battery operated and solar and whether or not the fencing is intended to be temporary or permanent. Pros and cons are considered for each type – including how cost effective they are.

When it comes to the actual setting up of an electric fence for horses, measurements are also suggested with regards to the spacing between posts and between individual wires, depending on how many you plan to utilise.

I would have liked more diagrams to lay out measurements between posts and electric tape rails, but the book in itself is a great overall guide and provides some extra resources and reading at the end of it. This is one worth looking into for those who plan to set up their own horse fencing in the future.

Author – Jenny Griffin
Non Fiction – Horse fences
In my library? – that it is!
Want it? Find it now at Amazon.

“The grass is always greener on the other side.” – Author unknown

Bartering in a Horse World

There’s a fundraising campaign going on for the radio station I listen to, Visionfm and after their focus on raising funds via donations, I heard an advert indicating that if listeners made use of Bartercard, and they had built up points, then they could donate to Vision in this way. Great idea!

It got me thinking again about how this could be utilised in the Equine Industry. Some of you may be familiar with the free resource, the Equestrian Exchange on Facebook. If not, check it out!

The idea is that you offer a product or service in exchange for another product or service that will benefit you or your horse business. For example, an equine author offers a copy of their book in exchange for a review.

What Would you Barter from your Horse Business for hay for your Horses?

As a business owner of a horse feed store, you may offer a load of hay to the stud down the road in exchange for the chance to breed your mare to one of their stallions. My previous bosses at two different jobs (training and breeding) bartered by the breeder sending stock to the trainer for racing and the trainer sending some broodmares to the stud for his stallions. They helped each other out.

What if there was a setup like Bartercard that catered specifically to the horse world? Perhaps you love the idea of setting up a business and this appeals to you. It would require:

  • approaching horse businesses about taking part
  • setting up a points system equivalent to a money system
  • developing a way to promote businesses involved
  • determining how you would make money from the system as the creator

I’m sure that there’s more that would need working out, but it’s some fodder for thought.

“To barter: exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money.”

Setting up Your Horse Business Online

At the moment I’m undertaking a course to learn a little more about internet marketing on your own website.  Even better than the course being free, you get paid to do tasks as you work your way to creating a website, blog and adding Google Adsense.

Sign up to Equus Education to Receive this pdf Booklet, Free!

If you’re thinking of paying for internet hosting and setting up a website, I encourage you to take a look at this course via Shoemoney.  If you’re already planning to invest in a business website, then why not do it via this course that pays you in real time into your Paypal account as you do so?

Your only expense will be your internet hosting through a service provider Blue Host, otherwise you will be receiving payments as you progress through generating a .com (free with your hosting) and setting up your website.  The course is explained via videos and the first $1USD you make can be done in 5 minutes.

If you’re thinking of setting up your online presence for your horse business, take this step now and earn a little extra on the side!

While you’re at it, why not sign up to the Equus Education newsletter and receive 52 Steps to Kick-Start Your Equine Career, free!  Enter your email address at the top left of the screen.

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