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Emergency Evacuation Plan Resource

Here in Australia it’s greatly warming up and the state of New South Wales has been under attack by fires.  Fires are one of a few natural disasters that horse owners should be prepared for – are you?

Horse and People created in 2011 a free resource/fact sheet with regards to an Emergency Evacuation Plan.  Why not take a look?  You can benefit greatly from free resources created by those in the know 🙂

“For the wonderful brain of man, However mighty its force; Had never achieved its lordly plan, Without the aid of a horse.” – Ella Wilcox

Fodder Solutions

What Would you do in the Event of a Drought?

A friend Cait has given me some adverts from a farming magazine to look over for interest and the benefit of my future property.  One was a product that is hydroponically grown fodder as a solution to stock (horses, sheep, goats, cattle) in times of drought.

The sprouts in question are barley it seems, and there are a lot of positive points listed on the site to promote why you would feed them to your horses.

This may be a cost effective way to provide roughage in times of drought.  It is stated on the site to be a cheaper means of providing this than having to buy lucerne hay.

 I’m always interested in possible solutions to protect stock during the poor affects of weather – such as in a drought.

If interested, perhaps you’d like to check out Fodder Solutions.  A nutritional breakdown of the sprouts is also provided.

Perhaps a product such as this one may be something that appeals to those who are interested in pursuing a form of equine nutrition, or pasture related career.  Food for thought.

“You know you’re a horse person when… your mouth waters at the sight of a truck full of hay.” – Author unknown

Reflecting Your Riding

I can get annoyed with advertising, but I like that the adverts on Facebook tend to reflect that you’ve said about yourself in your profile. I saw an ad that a horsey friend had liked the other day and decided to check out ‘Arena Reflections’.

Their catchcry is “Bespoke, Eye-catching Elegance for Performance and Quality”.  When I was studying my certificate II in Horse Studies as a part of high school, I got to attend a gorgeous warmblood stud each week to do my practical and theory. Perhaps the highlight of this was that I got to ride for an hour every Wednesday on a well schooled horse.

This was perhaps the place where my horse riding skill was most assessed and given correction. I could see what my instructor’s were referring to with regards to my incorrect position because of a long mirror that flanked one side of their 70 x 30 metre arena. It was a great tool to be able to see what I looked like, as well as see how my corrections adjusted my position – or made little affect at all!

I hadn’t considered the idea of a business making mirrors specifically for riding arenas, but I guess why not? Arena Reflections do just this.

“When to see a horse you think low intelligence, to see a man high intelligence, but to mix to make a friendship you seem to get greater intelligence” – author unknown

I’m having a little play with the categories on this site and have added in horse property as I feel a lot of my ‘product’ posts such as fencing and arena mirrors fit into this category. Recently the reviews section has been renamed horse books as it fits all manner of equine book related topics, not just reviews.

Defining the Mission Clearly

My beautiful man and I went along to church with my parents this Sunday just past and I must say, the message was great – and timely! (As often seems to be the case ;))

The pastor was talking about being a ‘change your world’ leader. A lot of the principles he discussed being necessary to make a difference in the world, I believe applies to anyone who has a big dream in life.

Mine? To run an agistment property and offer those on it and others wanting to learn about horses the opportunity to discover the joy that is living and learning horses and the avenues and careers in which you can further explore the wonderful world of horses.

One point that he made which I loved was “to make a difference in this world, you don’t have to be the best. You just have to care the most.”

So true! Whatever it is that you’re passionate about; you’re going to get places because of your enthusiasm rather than your perfection. There were three main points about the leader that changes the world. These were:
– Define the goal clearly (as shown in Nehemiah 2:4-5)
– Make plans carefully (as shown in Nehemiah 2:6-8)
– Inspire people passionately (as shown in Nehemiah 2:17-18)

The one other point that really caught my attention I’ve heard before but had forgotten: if your dream is big enough to achieve without God, you’re not dreaming big enough!

So! What’s your dream? 🙂

“Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.” – John Wesley

Providing Agistment to Horse Owners

Today was a close to perfect day at work. Most of the staff and students are off at Oaklands Junction for the Great Southern Weanling Sale. I’m back at the education facility with a heap of marking to do.

But who gets to feed the horses whilst everyone is away? 🙂 So this morning started with making up feeds for the geldings, dry and pregnant mares and then a stroll out with the wheelbarrow to deposit feeds and check everyone over, glance fences and stop an overflowing water trough.

Then into the office to report that all horses are standing, nothing has a leg hanging off or is walking on three legs. Onto some marking and then in the afternoon back out to do the feed run and check again. Today was a typically gorgeous autumn day and had me thinking about when myself and the better half will be purchasing our own property in the future.

I can think of nothing more appealing than heading out in the morning to check on client’s horses before going inside to deal with book work – or some horse related writing! – and then out again in the afternoon to check over stock before it gets dark.

I’ve been trying to chase up loan information of late due to a rather appealing property for sale just out of town. It turns out because the plan is to agist horses and therefore potentially earn an income, this would come under an agribusiness loan rather than a home loan.

For those of you considering the idea of agistment as a business, make sure you have a good business plan put together if still needing to purchase property.  Considering agistment/grazing rites contracts before offering such services would probably also be worth your while.

Definitely the amount of land I’m seeking is mainly to be able to offer grazing to other horse owners – why not have them paying towards the mortgage? 😉

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