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Wish Upon a Unicorn

Wish Upon a Unicorn by Vicki Blum

Nine year old Arica felt there was something unusual about her grandmother, but it wasn’t until a visit to water some plants resulted in her slipping through a crack and into another world, that she realised her feelings were fact. Having been kidnapped by two trolls, Arica discovers a world of unicorns, elves, fairies and evil trolls.

As Arica is taken through this unusual land astride a captured unicorn, she questions what the trolls could possibly want with a human girl. When they arrive at their destination, she is dismayed to find that she will continue to be held captive, enslaved to work in a mine. To make things worse, the elves that are also enslaved, want nothing to do with her.

Arica finds assurance with the captive unicorns, but cannot explain how she can understand their thoughts. Desperate to escape and get back home, Arica is determined to befriend the elves and find a way home, and the reason she came to be in this unusual land that has an evil fairy who seems so familiar.

Wish Upon a Unicorn is a great adventure about a young girl with an unusual gift. It is fast paced and finishes well. I have no doubt it will appeal to the younger reader.

Author: Vicki Blum
Fiction – children’s fantasy
In My Library? As a Kindle download it is!

“Dreams are the playground of unicorns.” – Author unknown

Sustainable Horse Resources

Sustainability is something that appeals to many in today’s society.  Recently I stumbled across The Sustainable Horse – a place online that promotes sustainable products for the horse industry.

The Place for Eco-Minded Horse Lovers.  The founder of the Sustainable Horse says of it’s creation, “Having loved horses all my life I found it difficult to find equestrian products that matched my lifestyle. It seemed that if you love nature and care about sustainability and want to apply that to your equestrian life, it takes days of research to find what you are looking for. That needed to change!

Articles, a brand guide and eco-market with products are all available on the site.  You can follow them on Twitter, too!

“Be wary of the horse with a sense of humour.” – Pam Brown

Friday Feature: Groom

This week’s letter is G. If you missed last week’s Friday Feature, take a look at Foaling Attendant.

Well since the last time the letter G was covered in a Friday Feature, a new career relating to horses has been added!  If you’re keen to see the numerous careers covered on this site (150+!), take a look at Vocation 100.

Turning Horses out to a High Standard is Important as a Groom

A groom has a role that is very hands on with horses.  This task may also fall under the category of stable hand or even strapper, depending on the industry that the role is carried out in.  In short, they are in charge of the horse’s health and welfare as well as their presentation.

Someone who is interested in work as a groom may find their tasks consist of:

  • Feeding and watering particular horses
  • Exercising them (lunging, riding, hand walking)
  • Preparing them to be ridden by a rider, trainer or owner (by grooming them and tacking them up)
  • Warming up and cooling down particular horses
  • Dealing with basic first aid treatments
  • Turning the horses out to a high standard (this may involve washing them, grooming, plaiting, braiding and clipping)

A professional show or sale groom is one who is employed to make a horse look it’s best for a competition or sale.  Being able to turn horses out to a high standard and paying attention to detail are strengths that will help in this profession.  It should be expected that weekend work will be commonplace, too, as most often shows occur then and sales can go over these days.

For posts that relate to this area of work on Equus-Blog, take a look at:

“All horseback riding is great until you go to a $40 show for a 75c ribbon.” – Author unknown

Sponsorship Opportunity, the Equus Film Festival NYC

So this was posted on LinkedIn recently and I think is worth sharing.  Sarah Chase, the Chief Business Officer at Horse Lifestyle TV stated:

The Equus Film Festival, the only international film festival featuring equestrian and horse films/media, will be coming to New York City November 21st – 22nd. We are looking for a title sponsor at: $2,500 and two VIP level sponsors at $1,000 — excellent way to get your premier brand in front of Manhattan audience made up of Indie film buffs and dedicated equestrians. There are over 35 films entered over 2-days with red carpet evenings, celebrity film guests, and a special VIP wrap party. This is Cannes for Horse People!
Email: if you’d like to be part of this great event!
Tickets, through Fandango, will go on sale in September … the more sponsors, the lower we can keep the tickets!

Wordless Wednesday – Lope

Cantering Along

Betting/Bookmaking with Horses

Although here in the Southern Hemisphere the big attraction of the Spring Racing Carnival is months away, it’s summer racing months in the Northern Hemisphere!  I’ve touched on Bookmaking before, with regards to a potential career with horses that also requires a head for figures.

Bookmakers Generate Funds through Horse Racing

Whilst betting on horse racing can make some people a nice bit of pocket money every now and again, being the person to provide the betting service may be a better gamble.  With today’s technology and the opportunity to set up programming and math systems on a website, it may even be possible to entertain such a horse related career choice from the comfort of a home computer.

Of course, if you have a passion for horses, business and figures, you may also like to consider the idea of accounting for horse related businesses.  There are many, many career options out there for the enthusiastic horse fan.

“Canter is the cure for every evil.” – The Book Of Horse Quotes

Wordless Wednesday – Keeping Watch

Keeping Watch

Crochet Ponies

Colleen Pace’s ‘Pepperoni Pony’.

Well here’s one for those of you out there who love to crochet/knit.  I stumbled across this today on Facebook and just love the look of these ponies!

Pepperoni Ponies can be simply made from single crochet stitches and look great with a mane and tail on them – I need to learn to crochet!  As it says on the site:

“Make Your Own Crochet Pepperoni Ponies!
Change the yarn and hook size, and you get a different pony…”

I had never considered the idea of selling the design of a crochet pattern that related to horses, to bring in funds.  But it seems this is indeed possible!  And why not?

So food for thought: what product have you designed that relates to horses and could interest others?  You may find there is as much value in creating and selling the product as there is in helping others to create it themselves… 🙂

“I pray the gentle hands may guide my feet;I ask for kind commands from voices sweet; At night a stable warm with scented hay, where, safe from every harm, I’ll sleep till day.” – Pony’s prayer

Upcoming Reviews

Starting the Colt by Jan Young.

Hi all!

Just a heads up to look out for reviews of:

  • The Orange Slipknot
  • Starting the Colt

Author Jan Young has contacted me about reading and reviewing her two novels and as usual – I’m only too happy to oblige!  So once I receive copies of these, I’ll get onto them so that reviews can be added to Equus-Blog.

I’ll also post a review of Equine Emergency Rescue by MaryAnne Leighton and Michelle Staples shortly – stay posted!

Horse Welfare Organisation

I’ve seen, heard and read some things that concern me with regards to horse welfare.  And sadly at some point(s) I may have been a cause for concern with others as I was learning about horses and owning my first horse!

Students I teach, people I study with or work with and others I meet in varying equine fields inadvertently display forms of ignorance that could negatively affect a horse’s welfare.  I’m not saying that I know it all – I never will!  But I aspire to keep learning and improving and am rapt to find that there are organisations out there that advocate for horse welfare.

One such example is the World Horse Welfare Organisation that helps raise horse welfare awareness around the world:

There are around 100 million working equines in the developing world that fuel the economies of countries in Africa, Central America and Asia.  Working horses lead demanding, exhausting lives made worse by the wounds and injuries they suffer through inadequate shoeing, harnesses and nutrition.

Our practical international training programmes improve horse care and livelihoods in some of the world’s poorest communities, working with horse owners to identify the barriers to better horse care, teach them new skills and help them better feed and tend to their most important asset.

 I’m sure working with such an organisation would be both incredibly rewarding and heartbreaking at times.  However, if this is an area you’re passionate about, why not link in with this organisation via Facebook, Twitter or the like and keep abreast of what they’re up to and how you can do your part for raising horse welfare awareness.

“When my health and strength are gone-When I’m getting old and feeble, and my long life’s work is done-Don’t sell me to cruel owners, to be slaved to my latest breath…” – Author unknown

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