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Working Student Position in Germany

So this was shared in a group I’m on via Facebook and I thought it worth putting here!

We are looking for a working student to join our team in January. A live-in position in Tönisvorst, Germany with meals, training and a car. Possibility to take your own horse with. For more information email: or call Heidi +49 152 063 79 102

You can check out Mclean Reitsport via their website:

Horse Welfare at the Brooke

Whilst reading Whispering Back, I was pleased to find reference to the Brooke, an equine organisation that focuses on:

We are an international animal welfare organisation dedicated to improving the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules in some of the world’s poorest communities. We provide treatment, training and programmes around animal health and wellbeing, operating across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

If your passion is for horse welfare, particularly in third world countries, I encourage you to check out this organisation and the incredible work they do.  Perhaps you could even pursue the possibility of working with them or partnering financially?

Perhaps you may like to consider their varying volunteer opportunities.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – JRR Tolkein

STUD STAFF REQUIRED Widden Stud Australia

Hi everyone!  This was sent as an email out to uni, so I thought I’d spread the word!

Widden Stud Australia requires an experienced, enthusiastic and motivated staff member to join our team. Staff will have the opportunity to work in a wide range of areas on farm.
These will include general duties such as general husbandry, feeding, vet work, working with mares, foals and yearlings along with associated tasks. Work with yearlings and have the opportunity to work at Gold Coast Magic Millions and Sydney Easter Yearling Sales.
The successful applicant must be able to work in a team environment and have some experience working with horses. This is a full time position with commencement in October/November 2015. An attractive salary package, including accommodation and other benefits is included. Applications in writing will be accepted by email: Widden Stud Australia Pty Ltd Widden Valley Via DENMAN NSW 2328 T: 02 6549 9999; F: 02 6549 9900

On a side note – this place is gorgeous!  Remote, but a beautiful stud with some great stallions and opportunities for someone wanting to go far in the thoroughbred breeding world! 🙂

Colts and Fillies Labour Hire

What Horse job do you Dream of Getting?

Well if you’re seeking work in the horse industry (or seeking employees!) you may be interested in finding out about Colts and Fillies Labour Hire.

I love finding businesses that are working to promote positions in the horse industry, and find suitable workers for horse employers.

If you’re seeking work, why not sign up with them today and provide your resume?  You never know where it could lead!

This business is Australian in its location, but does cater to international queries, too.

Equestrian Manager, Polo Club in China

I’ve just received an email about a job opportunity and thought this one worth sharing!  To sum it up:

Job content and responsibility –

  1. Primarily to implement the department training programme.
  2. Advise on the preparation of materials for the training programme.
  3. To train daily, the junior staff and trainees in the department, following the direction of the Director of Stable Operations.
  4. To ride and train the equestrian horses that the club has, including dressage and jumping
  5. To re-school some of the polo ponies, teaching them dressage and jumping and to be suitable for members lessons.
  6. Horse care and stable management on a daily basis, including some daily yard duties.
  7. Report on the performance and progress of the horses and classes
  8. Teach member lessons when required.
  9. Co-ordinate the arrangements for Stable Operations part in Junior Equestrian & Polo Programme (JEPP)
  10. Develop the equestrian Services department as the occasion arises with the Director of Stable Operations.
  11. Assist with the planning and running of the 2017 Chinese National Equestrian Games.

Educational   background and professional knowledge demand –

Educated to Degree Level, any subject.
BHS Stage 3 or Pony Club B Test or above
PTT qualification is preferred.

Professional   skill demand –

Capable of Jumping 1.10m courses
Able to school horses to Medium level Dressage
English speaker
Clear communicator  Working   experience demand5 + years experience working with   competition sports horses.
Practiced instructor, dressage and show jumping
Competition experience
Experience of breaking and/or re-training horses
To have managed a yard of horses before
Some event management experience beneficial

Other demand

Microsoft Office computer skills
Overseas experience is preferable
Some Mandarin and/or Spanish language skills would be beneficial

This position is for the Metropolitan Polo Club in Tianjin, China.  It is a 3 year contract offering 35000RMB/Month Gross = approx. 3500GBP (approx. 3000GBP/ month net, depending on exchange rate); 20 days holiday per year /  11 days national holiday per year /  1 return flight per year to your country of residence /  Time off in lieu for overtime.

To discuss this opportunity further please contact John Fisher, Director of Stable Operations, attaching your current CV:

Equine Travel Agent

Recently I had Twin Work and Volunteer follow me on Twitter.  Curious to see if they had any horse related GAP travels or paid work, I did a search and found they do!

Now I’ve touched on equestrian tourism before, but thought I’d bring it up as a potential niche market for a career again.  For someone who loves horses, loves travelling and gets along with people, this could be an area of interest to pursue as a possible line of work.  How wonderful to be able to offer people an equine related experience in the form of:

  • GAP years after school
  • Experiencing horse work in another country, such as a jackaroo/jillaroo in Australia, polo work in Argentina or dressage work in Germany
  • Trail rides in different countries
  • Carriage rides around states or territories
  • Horse breed learning opportunities
  • Opportunities to ride varying disciplines across Europe
  • The chance to witness the world’s greatest races

Horse museums could be visited, horse art galleries and much more.  To be someone in the know about all things horses around the world would be of great benefit to such a job.

“As they run through arenas and open fields, past mountains and seas, moving like the wind toward heaven, we travel with them, if only in our hearts.” – Author unknown

Profile On: Stacey Sikorski, Professional Show Groom

How much of your day/week is related to horses?
A good 50% is related to horses probably more.

What is it exactly that you do?
At my “real job” I do chart review, marketing and other duties at a major veterinary hospital. This includes horses as well as small animals (cats/dogs).

Some of Stacey’s Handiwork

My other jobs include:

  • Working one day a week conditioning and clipping show horses for an Arabian trainer.
  • Running a boarding facility for 9 horses at my home.
  • Running a clipping service for horses – I body clip and show clip.
  • On my “vacations” I work as a professional show groom.

In this field of work, is it possible to be a full time professional and earning a liveable income?
Yes but it is not easy.  Most people do not want to work 80+ hours a week or be away from home as often as this type of work requires.

What are the general steps taken to be employed in such a role?
In my case I just started letting people know I was available again. I got my start by working for people who had known me when I was a full time professional groom. They knew I was hard working, knew I could clip, braid, longe etc. They knew I could handle mares, stallions and young stock and drive a truck and trailer or tractor.

When I first started out I was lucky enough to find someone willing to give me a chance. People for some reason did not think I would stick to it. My first big show as a groom was the Scottsdale Arabian Show. I lived in a portable stall while there. It rained non-stop the entire show. My stall was flooded but it didn’t deter me at all. At the end of the show one of the trainers asked “What do you think?” I replied “This is what I want to do”. I worked there until the farm was downsized in a divorce.

Most importantly you need to be willing to work hard and LEARN. If my work was unacceptable I was told to do it again until I got it right and instead of being offended I got better and better. Learning to braid I practiced on all of our breeding stallions. You have to want to be the best and keep at it until you are.

A Horse Braided by Stacey

Favourite horse memory?
There are many but galloping *Enrilo in the 100 acre field ranks way up there. I was fortunate enough to work with some very famous horses and groomed more National Winners than I can count. Watching my friend and head trainer ride horses I had prepped to National Championships is another big one.

Future goals?
To make enough to be able to quit my day job and work for myself – I’m closing in on that goal. And to be known again as one of the best show grooms in the country. I’m competitive – being good is not enough. It feels great to hear one of my veterinarians say “I can tell a horse you have body clipped by sight”. Huge compliment!

Best thing about your sport/profession?
The feel of family. Even after my 10 year “retirement” when I came back to the industry they all still knew me. I knew them and honestly I felt like I had gone home. No one questioned me, no one yelled at me and best of all I didn’t have to worry I might do something wrong. They were all happy I was there to see to it that everything was how it was supposed to be.

“Don’t count your ribbons before the show starts.” – Author unknown

Gap Year Equine Experiences

On Trail in South Africa

Uni sent out a message to the equine science students about conservation work in South Africa and I thought I’d scout the website for horse related work!  Found two that may be of interest to the student keen to take some time off school next year and get in some horse experience overseas – what could be more appealing?

  1. South Africa Horse Riding and Conservation Experience – this one seems to me a great opportunity to clock up hours in the saddle, gain conservation experience and perhaps add to the resume with the view to being a game ranger or even zoo worker in the future.
  2. Australian Jackaroo / Jillaroo School – a great chance to visit the land down under and learn about the cowboy way, mustering cattle and shearing sheep!

“How to ride a horse: Step One – Mount the horse. Step Two – Stay mounted…” – Author unknown

Southern Hemisphere’s Stud Season is Approaching!

A Thoroughbred Colt on a Foster Mare

Thought I’d do a quick post to remind people that want to work in the thoroughbred breeding industry, now is the time to put out feelers!  In the past month I’ve been contacted by two stud owners about the need for staff for the season.  Do you have a job lined up for the breeding season?

Even if you’re internationally based, if you have a desire to work in Australia, I’d suggest updating your resume and sending it around to studs now, inquiring about work.  Who knows where you could be working in July? 🙂

For those unfamiliar with the work of a stud hand, I can’t praise this vocation highly enough.  It’s a great opportunity to work with many classes of horse (mares, foals, stallions, weanlings, yearlings) and a large number of them at that!  Plus there’s the chance to learn the reproductive process, see births, see breeding of horses, feed horses, treat illness, maintain properties and of course pick up manure 😉

“When will they make a tractor that can furnish the manure for farm fields and produce a baby tractor every spring?” – George Rupp, pioneer breeder of Belgian horses

Job Seeking UK Site

A group on LinkedIn I’m a part of has recently received a post advertising Network Horses, an online equine community that has an employment section on their site.

This appears to be a UK based site and has some great looking jobs currently being advertised.  Current jobs include:

  • Instructing in Hong Kong
  • Being an international sales manager for Carr & Day & Martin
  • Being a press and public relations officer for Grandstand Group
  • Commission based Equissage self employment in the UK
  • A saddler position and telesales position with Barnsby Saddles in Walsall
  • Freelance Groom positions including riding, in Derbyshire

I love seeing what positions are on offer around the world, and knowing of one that commonly advertises in your area or a place in the world you wish to travel to can be of benefit!  Enjoy 🙂

“We gaze upon their quiet beauty, their natural elegance, and we are captivated. They see us softly, in gentle light… rewarding human companionship with strength, grace and intelligence. As they run through arenas and open fields, past mountains and seas, moving like the wind toward heaven, we travel with them, if only in our hearts.” – Author unknown

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