Change Rein by Anne Jolin

In the first book of the Willow Bay stables, Change Rein, London Daniels finds herself quickly falling. A hopeful for the Olympics on her beautiful Dutch Warmblood, Achilles War, her life is turned upside down with an accident. An accident that many blame on her horse. Yet London is adamant that she bailed on the ride to protect her beloved equine.

Change Rein by Anne Jolin
Change Rein by Anne Jolin

Unfortunately, the fall has resulted in her questioning whether she will have a horse riding career in the future. With her return home, London finds that the family farm is in trouble, too. In a bid to save the financial future of the farm, her father agrees to house some horses’ short term. They are owned by a wealthy young man who has his eye on London.

London isn’t sure what to make of Branson at first. She cannot deny her attraction to him. That doesn’t make her sure that his interest is anything beyond superficial, however.

As the two work out what they want in life – and from each other – London comes to find what she’s been missing in life. It was easy to focus on her career at the expense of all else. But when that is taken from her – even if only for the short term – she finds a gaping hole in its place.

Change Rein

Branson seems to be perfect for her but he has a secret of his own. Although his attention starts off a little strong, London realises he’s playing for keeps. In time London realises that when life throws you something unexpected, you may just need to change rein and keep going.

Change Rein by Anne Jolin is a romance about two ambitious people who realise love comes at a cost. But just maybe that cost is worth it.

Author – Anne Jolin
Fiction – adult
In my library – as an eBook it is.
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