Chelsea: Shelly Finds her Dream Pony

IndepenPress Publications kindly sent me a copy of this children’s horse story to read and review.

Shelly Finds her Dream Pony follows the desire and dedication of a ten year old girl named Shelly. Shelly dreams of one day owning her own pony, and puts in the hard yards by saving from her paper round to gain enough to buy a horse.  Her parents help her infatuation by finding her an opportunity to help out at a local riding school. After doing this for nearly a year, Shelly is given the opportunity to learn to ride.

Chelsea: Shelly Finds her Dream Pony by Michelle Holland

A surprise by her parents in line with her fourteenth birthday means that Shelly can look for her own horse to buy – and keep it at home! The young horse enthusiast then has to work hard to find the horse that fits in with her dreams of a perfect pony.

A New Forest Pony by the name of Chelsea captures Shelly’s attention. The story follows the adventures the pair have together once Shelly secures her very own horse.

Shelly Finds her Dream Pony is a good look at how much time and effort needs to go into learning about horses, saving for them and looking after them. It follows Shelly from the age of 10 up until 16, but is more suited to the younger reader (8 – 10) based on the way it’s written.

Once Shelly gains her pony, the story seems to step away a little from being so realistic. Anything Shelly could need to own and look after a horse is provided by family members through birthday and Christmas presents; Shelly is able to go out and about exploring with another friend on a young green horse that perhaps isn’t the best representation of a first horse owner’s suitable mount and her first show results in an awful lot of success.

This children’s story is an entertaining read but I feel at times loses a bit of reality through things fitting together so nicely for the first time horse owner. It is a great story about the lengths that one horse lover can go to, to gain a horse however. The chapters are short and sweet and accompanied by many fitting illustrations, also by the author. A good acquisition for a young horse fan.

Author and illustrator: Michelle Holland
Fiction – early pre-teens
In my library? It is! I was able to receive a review copy of this novel and am sure it’s a great addition for the young reader.
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“If I had a horse, I’d ride off in the sunset, where dreams, and shadows lie. To a life, where pain and sorrow don’t exist, and to where hopes, and dreams become reality.” – Lindsay Turcotte

2 thoughts on “Chelsea: Shelly Finds her Dream Pony”

  1. Here are some reviews readers have given to my book:
    ‘Very amusing and interesting book full of the great adventures of a girl and her very cheeky pony! Really lovely story suitable for all ages’.
    Tilly Knowles 10/9/2013

    ‘I have read my book several times and I love it, in fact I am now dreaming of ponies jumping bales of hay!
    I would really recommend that everybody reads this book and I may add I am 79 years young’.
    Ena Polegate. 4th September 2013

    “A heart warming story of a little girl’s determination to have a pony of her own. This book is a must for pony mad girls and boys of all ages from 7 years old to 80 years young! I thoroughly recommend it”.
    Jan Coppin 2nd September

    I was looking for a book for my great nephew who is pony mad and was recommended this book. It was FAB!! I read it first then have given it to my nephew to read to his children. Would read other books by this author when they become available. Kate French

    This is a truly delightful tale about a young girls dream.
    Shelley longs for a pony of her own and, although her Mum and Dad want her to have one, they want to make sure their daughter knows exactly what a responsibility owning a pony is and how much there is to it.
    The story is an excellent introduction for any girl wanting her own pony and follows her as she works hard to learn as much as she can about the care, love and hard work involved.
    She learns about grooming, mucking out, exercising, feeding, vets, farriers, riding, gymkhanas and the many other things essential to keep an animal happy and fit.
    The reader is led gently, but thoroughly, through Shelley’s exciting adventures as she learns about the dedication needed, and the fun to be had, looking after her heart’s desire.
    A good introduction too for parents of wannabee pony owners! John Newman

    Well this book is just superb reading anyone who is thinking of buying this book please do this was for my daughter who is nearly 8 but guess what I read it first loved every chapter of it happy reading. Lynette Jenkins

    My 8-year old is racing through this – she literally won’t put it down. As her mum, that say’s it all for me – 5 stars it is! Shani

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