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Cindy’s Heartbreak

I can’t remember when I first got access to this series but as a young teen, I devoured any book I could get my hands on, impatiently reading copies in the school and local library when I didn’t have the funds to buy another in the series.

Book number 19 in the Thoroughbred series originally written and created by Joanna Campbell, this book is authored by Karen Bentley. Despite the change of writers, Cindy’s Heartbreak reads like those earlier in the series written by Joanna Campbell, not suffering a continuity issue.

A great series for pre-teens and teens alike, Cindy’s Heartbreak follows Cindy McLean’s love of a particular racehorse, Storm whom she has helped to train as a young racehorse.

Following the usual ups and downs in racing, Cindy works through the issues that arise in Storm’s racing career, convinced that the pair can work through anything and that Storm is the fastest sprinter that raced.

Cindy's Heartbreak.Tragedy strikes 100 miles from home when there is an outbreak of Equine Infectious Anaemia and suddenly the horses at Whitebrook have to be tested when Storm appears sick.

Cindy’s Heartbreak enlightens readers to the disasters of infectious diseases and what an epidemic can do to the livelihood of a farm. It also brings into focus the importance of quarantine issues and protocols while around horses that may be contagious.

Although a book for the younger reader, it’s an informative read and does a great job of portraying the excitement of working with horses, and I’ve no doubt this series is the cause of many a young person wanting to pursue work with horses whether it be in racing or otherwise.

Author: Karen Bentley; created by Joanna Campbell.
Fiction – 19th book in the Thoroughbred series.
In my library? Indeed. Sometimes a bit off the mark with regards to factual information regarding horses but a great read for the young horse enthusiast.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

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