Color My Horse by Bev Pettersen

Recently I was able to download another book by Bev Pettersen on Kindle. Having read Riding for Redemption not too long ago, I was keen to read another horse mystery romance by this author. Color My Horse didn’t disappoint.

Color My Horse by Bev Pettersen
Color My Horse by Bev Pettersen

Once again with a focus on the racing world, it brings together two very different characters. Mark is a promising thoroughbred trainer who is just hitting his prime at 31 years of age. Having a colt that could run in – and even win – the Derby is a highlight for him. He can even handle the difficult owner. That is, until said owner insists that Mark takes on his granddaughter in an attempt to break her spirit – and rebellious streak.

Jessica is in her late twenties and has suffered early retirement as a skier due to a knee injury. She makes a bargain with her grandfather. He will fund her planned dog grooming business if she can last working at the racetrack for Mark for a set period of time.

Mark chooses to ignore his immediate attraction to Jessica – she’s an heiress to a fortune. Plus, she doesn’t know horses. He just wants her to do her job quietly – once she learns to do it competently. The fact that she is very green with regards to racing is a time wasting frustration.

Jessica is determined to show her worth at the track. She’ll work hard, learn all she can and get her grandfather off her back. What she didn’t factor in was falling for the head boss – or his lack of interest in her. Used to getting her way because of her looks, Jessica is surprised to find that she wants to earn Mark’s respect as well as his interest.

Color My Horse

As the upcoming Breeders Cup meet draws closer, Jessica finds an unexpected love for the racing industry. Throw in an orphan boy, a foreign man with a knife who is out to get her and a scheming grandfather and Jessica doesn’t know where to turn.

Color My Horse is an aptly named, entertaining mystery that wraps up nicely. I loved how Jessica’s character developed and learned what she really wanted in life – with a little pushing from Mark. Toning down the language and crude descriptions would make this book almost perfect.

Author: Bev Petterson
Fiction – adult
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