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The Confident Rider Project

Recently I discovered this group on Facebook and thought I’d take a look.  It’s an online group that is set as a challenge for riders in the year 2018.  The Confident Rider Project is aimed to be an online community to help people ride their horses, boost their confidence and achieve more in life.

From Dressage Music to Confidence Coaching

As the creator of this project has stated:

“My business has evolved over the last 5 years, from my dressage schooling music; ‘The Musical Ride Company’. Which still exists and is designed to help riders in a variety of ways (fitness, something interesting to do on those dark winter nights and confidence building.) Now I have expanded to create a support group /community and website for horse lovers all over the world to help with confidence building and equestrian lifestyle.”

If you’re interested in taking part in this project, I encourage you to look at the website and if you’re up for some freebies, be sure to check out the free tools, guidance and resources.

Want to read specifically about the Confident Rider Project?  You can find out about this six month program here.  If you sign u

The Confident Rider Project for 2018 | Equus Education

The Confident Rider Project for 2018 | Equus Education

p via this post, you can get the first month free.  You can check out the Facebook page via and join the group at

If you’re someone who wants to boost their confidence in riding horses, whilst working with them and in life in general, then perhaps you’d like to check out the Confident Rider Project.  It seems like a great initiative for 2018.

“He’s of the colour of the nutmeg. And of the heat of the ginger…. he is pure air and fire; and the dull elements of earth and water never appear in him, but only in patient stillness while his rider mounts him; he is indeed a horse, and all other jades you may call beasts.” ― William Shakespeare

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