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Cotton Candy Sally Finds a Home by Karen Belove

Cotton Candy Sally Finds a Home is a delightful short tale for middle grade readers.  The reader is first introduced to Sally in her lovely country home.  She is kept in a stable overnight, fed and turned out on a regular basis.  She is able to enjoy open pastures and socialising with other horses.

Cotton Candy Sally by Karen Belove | Equus Education

Cotton Candy Sally by Karen Belove | Equus Education

But as the story starts, Sally knows there is a change to her routine; something isn’t right.  In time, she finds herself loaded up on a horse trailer and travelling many hours.  In time she is unloaded, far from her usual home.

Sally and a couple of her companions have been taken to a horse sale.  Sally is quickly re-homed and finds herself in a drastically different environment.  In a stable in New York she doesn’t have access to ample pastures.  She has lost her companions and is surrounded by busyness, noise and traffic.

Reacting to these negative changes Sally moves from her once cooperative, well performing self to a difficult to handle mare.  In time the students at the riding school where she is housed give up on her.  They claim she is bitter and mean.  Until one rider takes a shine to her.

Having lost her father, her family farm and her own horses, young Kara feels a pull towards Sally.  She ignores the pinned ears and sour looks and starts to shower affection on the mare.  In time the two bond and Kara is rapt to be able to ride such a capable mount.  Yet, Kara is devastated to learn that the riding school owner intends to sell Sally.  It is obvious that the busy riding school environment is not what is best for Sally.

Can Kara find a way to keep Sally?  And how is it possible when she has no place to keep her, her mum is struggling with finances and Sally is worth a decent sum?  Cotton Candy Sally is a delightful story for young readers about perseverance and paying it forward.

Author – Karen Belove
Fiction – middle grade
In my library – as an eBook
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