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Crazy Horse

The third in the Horses of Half Moon Ranch series by Jenny Oldfield, Crazy Horse focuses on two of the Half Moon Ranch horses Crazy Horse and Cadillac.

Crazy Horse by Jenny OldfieldLike chalk and cheese, the two equine friends are inseparable despite their differences in looks and personality.

One night, Kirstie is awoken by the family’s restless herd. Curious, she gets out of bed to investigate and soon realises that there are rustlers in amongst the horses.

Kirstie raises the alarm with her family but not before the rustlers get to Crazy Horse and Cadillac, managing to get away with the prized Thoroughbred and his best friend.

The story is built upon her search with friend Lisa to find the two loved animals that have been stolen. It takes the reader along on the journey of putting the pieces together to come up with the answer to the mystery of where the horses have been taken and who has done so.

Crazy Horse by Jenny Oldfield teaches the reader to consider listening to a horse and their body language as Kirstie finally realises that this will help her to secure both of her horses back into the Half Moon Ranch herd.

Set in Colorado, Oldfield describes the land in a way that has you imagining the scenery as the girls are riding through a forest with snowflakes falling, covering the ground in white.

A great read for pre and early teens, Crazy Horse ends with a positive outcome, leaving the reader content but ready to read the next in the series.

Author: Jenny Oldfield
In my library? But of course! A great series for the preteen or early teen who loves horses; it’s wonderful to have acquired the third and fourth book in this series.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

“Animals give you loyalty, no question.”

I have one copy of Crazy Horse to give away! The first person to email me with the titles of the first three books in the Horses of Half Moon Ranch series and the names of the members of the Scott family that feature in the story will receive it. Email to, titled Horses of Half Moon Ranch.

Alternatively, you can purchase your own copy at:

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