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Dancing Hooves

A month or so back I was catching up with a friend who was visiting from interstate and as we were having a coffee and a chat, she handed over a book that she’d bought for me.  Only a short story, the book was made up of two things that are very important to me – horses and faith.

Needless to say, it didn’t take me long to get stuck into this analogy that compares the life of a horse confined within a dark and foreboding stall, with the bondage that people can live in on account of fear and past hurts.

Author Danielle Silvestri does a wonderful job of detailing how Christ in our lives can result in the key being found for the locked stall and freedom being offered.

Quite short in length, Dancing Hooves is a great read that will help to open the eyes of those suffering from being trapped within their own fear and bondage.  For the horse lover especially, this analogy may touch a cord with regards to oneself of another in your life.

A more detailed review that I have written can be found amongst my articles at Suite101.

Author: Danielle Silvestri
In my library? Definitely.  A great read and a wonderful analogy containing the most beautiful of creatures that should always be running free.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

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