Dark Fire (Horse Guardian #1) by Angela Dorsey

Young Lisa is devastated by the fact that her family has lost their household estate in the first book in the Horse Guardian series, Dark Fire. This included a beautiful manor, land and stables full of horses. When her father was unable to make repayments, they lost everything.

Dark Fire, Book 1 in the Horse Guardian Series by Angela Dorsey.
Dark Fire, Book 1 in the Horse Guardian Series by Angela Dorsey.

Lisa’s only sense of satisfaction is in knowing the elderly gentleman who inherited the estate. Through developing a friendship with him, she is able to help out at the stables and look after her beloved Jupiter. Little does she know that trouble lurks.

Lisa doesn’t get along with Mr. Pickering’s nephew, Jimmy. She has little choice to be around him though, seeing as he is looking after his ailing uncle. When Jimmy tells her she’s no longer welcome at the manor, Lisa determines to sneak out at night and look after the horses. She knows he isn’t tending to their needs.

Jimmy’s desperation to inherit his uncle’s estate causes him to act in a way that Lisa doesn’t believe possible. As she finds herself – and the horses – in danger, she is both surprised and thankful to meet Angelica, a teenage girl who appears out of nowhere.

Lisa knows there is something different about Angelica, but she isn’t sure what it is. Either way she is thankful for the new friend who is able to help her solve the mystery of Mr. Pickering’s murder, why Jimmy hates her horse and what he plans to do with her.

Dark Fire is an interesting read with relevant horse details. It has the added angle of magic thrown in and is sure to entertain young horse and fantasy fans.

Author – Angela Dorsey
Fiction – teen
In my library – Yes, as a Kindle version 🙂
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