Daughter of Twin Oaks

Daughter of Twin Oaks by Lauraine Snelling

The first in the Secret Refuge series, this book leaves you wanting to know more!  Another great read by Lauraine Snelling, Daughter of Twin Oaks follows the lives of eighteen year old Jesselynn Highwood and her two younger sisters who are battling to enjoy life in the midst of the civil war.

Jesselynn’s brothers and father went off to war, and upon her father’s return, his dying wish is that his daughter should take their thoroughbreds – their livelihood – from Kentucky to Missouri to protect them from soldiers in need of horses.  Fighting against a desire to stay at home and oversee the tobacco plantation, Jesselynn realises she must act fast as someone lets soldiers know that they have horses on the farm.

Jesselynn battles the loss of comfort, raising her two year old brother, the loss of both parents and another brother whilst another is not known to be dead or alive.  As she carries these heavy burdens, she has to take on a new identity to ensure the safety of herself and the emancipated black people who travel with her.

Having sent her two younger sisters off to live safely with their Aunt, Jesselynn is desperate for news of their daily lives, wondering if she will survive with her own life.

The story is well written and interesting and finishes with many questions unanswered – a great way to gain your interest in the second book!  I’m dying to know what will happen with the horses, where Jesselynn will go and what has happened to her sister Louisa’s soldier – a great read!

Author: Lauraine Snelling
Fiction – historical
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“I pray that gentle hands may guide my feet; I ask for kind commands from voices sweet; At night a stable warm with scented hay, where, safe from every harm, I’ll sleep till day.” – Pony’s prayer – Author unknown

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