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I was loaned this book by Lyndon Stacey from a friend who handed it over when she realised I was a fan of Dick Francis’ novels. Stacey has had said of her writing, “The closest to taking Dick Francis’ crown”.

Dead Fall revolves around Lincoln (Linc) Tremayne, an heir to a viscountcy rising thirty year old male who has a passion for horses, his goal to follow in the footsteps of his recently deceased mother. She was headed for the Olympics before an accident while riding took her life.

Deadfall by Lyndon Stacey.Linc keeps his horse elsewhere due to his father’s disapproval of equine pursuits and consequently becomes close friends with the family where he boards his horse.

When one of the young girls who straps for him at competitions ends up in a coma on account of some tack thieves, he finds himself investigating who the attackers are. No surprises, this brings on a heap of trouble for the young man.

Stacey’s novel is a really interesting read as well as extremely informative. For the equine enthusiast who perhaps isn’t familiar with the world of one and three day events, a lot of explanation goes into the book to bring you up to speed with rules and regulations, details of jumping courses and even gear used on horses.

The book is a long one – nearly 500 pages – but flows well and it wasn’t one that seemed to drag at any point. The characters are interesting and entertaining and the storyline is well researched and believable.

You can’t beat a fictional read that is entertaining and causes you to learn as you read.

Author: Lyndon Stacey
Fiction – Thriller.
In my library? I don’t own it yet as this was a borrowed copy but I’ll be on the look out for all that Stacey has put out on shelves so far. There is noticeable swearing throughout the book but otherwise it’s fairly friendly to the horse obsessed young adult.

“He who always needs a mounting block had better not fall off in the middle of the field.”

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