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Diamond Spirit by Karen Wood

So one of my lovely students turned up in class the other week with a heap of horse books for me to add to my collection!  I think I’ll be enjoying a few good reads from these!  The first was a lovely surprise by Karen Wood.

Diamond Spirit is set in Australia and written by an Australian.  Based around two horse crazy teens that love games on horseback, this novel is realistic and full of authentic horse information.

The shock death of the main character’s horse Diamond leaves young Jess devastated.  She not only loses her horse, but feels that she has lost her best friend who is obviously keeping something from her.  Sulking at home, a couple of girls come across Jess whilst she is outside with her cousin’s horse.

The pair invite Jess to look at some foals at their uncle’s place and from here the friendship blossoms.  Jess is suddenly introduced to the world of camp drafting and a gorgeous little appaloosa filly.   Feeling that this filly and her beloved Diamond are in some way linked, Jess and her friends concoct a plan to be able to purchase the filly.

Diamond Spirit is a great read, entertaining and educational.  A wonderful choice for a present.  For a more in depth review, visit my articles at

Author: Karen Wood
Fiction: 11 years and up
In my library? Absolutely.  A great story that is educational and entertaining – the best combination in my books.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

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