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Do you Make the Grade? I Mean, Book..?

The bookie or bookmaker is a large part of what helps to make the racing industry. As much as there is the thrill of watching a 5oo or so kilogram animal in it’s prime race against countless others to see who can first cross the finish line, the thrill of being able to pick the winning horse or jockey and potentially win money on account of it also adds to the thrill.

Having different bookmakers can allow the punter to seek out the best chances of a return for their money invested. Obtaining a bookmakers’ licence is described on the Victorian Bookmakers site as “one of the hardest tasks in the racing industry.”

That’s not stopped them however from providing a page regarding a career in the bookmaking industry. There is also an employment page and information regarding applying for a licence.

“Prospective Bookmakers must be approved by the Victorian Government (The Bookmakers and Bookmakers’ Clerks Registration Committee), licensed by the Racing Industry and guaranteed by the Victorian Bookmakers’ Association Limited under Government legislation. Each of these authorities carefully examine each applicant’s character, experience and financial status.”

Currently three female Bookmakers are registered in Victoria, Australia. Bookmakers can cover gallops, harness and greyhound racing and other sports.

Some bookmaking related sites:
Registering as a bookmaker or bookmaker’s clerk
A list of Australian Bookmakers
Skills required to be a bookmaker and occupational information

“Horse sense – something that horses have that stops them betting on humans.”

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