Double Clear (Pony Jumpers 2) by Kate Lattey

The second book in this series, Double Clear introduces you to Katy as the protagonist, this time. Katy lives and breathes horses and riding. Along with her mum, they buy, retrain and sell horses.

Katy is currently leasing Molly, a beautiful bay mare that proved to be too much of a handful for her owner. Although Katy knows that Steph is an accomplished rider, she has been happily riding and training Molly for three years, having taken her on at the age of 12. Since then, the stubborn and flighty mare has turned into a promising jumper. Katy knows it’s because of her perseverance – and the fact that she clicked with the mare from the start.

Double Clear by Kate Lattey
Double Clear by Kate Lattey

Consequently she is devastated to find that Molly is to be sold – to someone Katy loathes. Not only is she going to miss out on riding the promising young mare, she’s going to have to watch her being successfully competed by Susannah – a young rider who is too harsh with horses.

That in it would be enough to upset Katy. Add the unexpected appearance of her father who has been living in Australia and the teen questions just what else can go wrong? Katy’s father seems to want to be a part of her life all of a sudden. She can’t imagine why, when he’s been missing in action for so many years.

As Katy deals with these two major events in her life, she’s thankful for the emotional support of her close friend, AJ. It doesn’t hurt either that AJ’s older brother Anders is suddenly hanging around. Katy knows that she should consider her best friend’s brother off limits, but it can’t hurt to look, can it?

Double Clear does a great job of helping to reader to better get to know Katy. Throw in some interesting events, a lot of great horse scenes and information and you have another great read by New Zealand author, Kate Lattey.

Author: Kate Lattey
Fiction – teen
In my library? I was able to download the first four recently, so as an eBook it is!
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