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Doubling up to Create a Niche

I was out walking and chatting with a mate today who’s undertaking a Diploma of Performance Horse Management and it seems they had a most interesting guest speaking to them yesterday.

Dr. Judith L. Mulholland, or the ‘farriervet‘ was out to speak to the TAFE students with regards to horse and hoof care.

I’ve just been accepted into the Bachelor of Equine Science and although I love study, couldn’t see myself dedicating the time it’d take to become a Vet, nor the body power and study it’d take to become a capable farrier.

A Vet or Farrier can Often fix Shoe ProblemsIt seems this wonderwoman has done both and now travels to teach others the things she’s put years into discovering.

So maybe you’re not interested in farriery or vet work but you do have a couple of interests with regards to horses and skills or the horse course qualification to match; consider thinking outside the square to see if you can combine the skills to create your own niche market.

After all, if your horse appears to be lame or unsound, who better to see to it’s diagnosis and treatment than a qualified farriervet?

“When in doubt, ask a horse.”

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