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Education with Equines

As a student I didn’t realise the work that went into organising a class to make it interesting and informative for students.  Now having been in charge of a class and looking to teach again next term, I’m more aware of teachers I’ve had that have taught ‘at’ me, and others that have actually helped to educate me and make me think.

My boss while teaching seems to always be striving to find videos/dvds/books that are up to date, interesting and interactive for her horse students and it has made me aware of the market out there for educational items.

There have been some interesting videos made up by some obviously talented multimedia people that know their horses.

From the Equine Distal Limb CD.One that has recently caught my eye although I haven’t seen the CDs as yet is found through the Glass Horse –  Shown on the site are some example pictures from two CDs relating to Equine Colic and Elements of the Equine Distal Limb.

Both look to be with great information and images to help others learn about the inner workings of the horse.

Perhaps your interest is in educating others with regards to a particular area of horses but your passion isn’t to teach a class, perhaps it’s in the design of a CD or DVD that can be sold and viewed by many around the world.

If your skill lies in this area, check out what is on offer through other companies, what topics are covered and see if your topic/s of interest are yet to be covered or covered in more detail, you never know, you may just find a niche.

“Life is short! Hug your horse!”

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  • I’d never seen the glass horse. Cool! I have a HUGE task before me with gathering info, producing and promoting a lot of products for a teacher. It has made me a great consumer of DVDs. I’ll add this one to the list.

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