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So a new page became available on Facebook the other day that I think is an exceptional idea. Judging by the amount of ‘likes’ it gained in the first 48 hours, I’d say many others do, too (and I’m a little envious of this figure ;))!

The Equestrian Exchange focuses on the art of bartering. That is – providing a product or service in exchange for another product or service, instead of cash. I think this can be a great way for someone to get started in the horsey world.

Definitely money makes the world go round. However, money is generated or earnt because of someone’s skills resulting in a buyable product or service.

And so can be found the benefit of the Equine Exchange:

  • Detail for others what product or service you have that you are willing to barter
  • Detail what you would like in exchange for your product or service
  • Provide a way for people to get in touch with you should they be interested
  • Wait to see if you get a bite (or three!)

The great thing about this page is that already it’s gained interest from a lot of horsey people that are willing to barter their products or services in exchange for another product or service.

An example: I am willing to write horse book reviews (service) in exchange for people sending me a free hard copy of their horse book – fiction or non (product).

What’s in it for everyone?

How is it more beneficial to barter your skills or products instead of earning cash for them? When you’re just starting out in the industry, this can be a great way to get your product or service known without it costing others money. And maybe it can benefit you, too.

For example, are you willing to offer horse education in exchange for bales of hay or other horse feed? Or maybe you’re willing to write articles about horse events in exchange for free entry into these events?

Consider what skill or product you have, that you may be willing to swap with others. Sometimes it can seem a bit surreal or intimidating to charge a fee for something you originally started doing for friends or fun, but as you realise the value in what others are willing to barter for your product, you may start to see it’s worth in dollars.

“Lessons from your horse: When you’re feeling financially secure, let me teach you the meaning of ‘veterinary services, additional.'”

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