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So I’m researching online horse books, marketing and promotion at the moment – because I finished my book!  Today I stumbled across a site that I’m surprised I haven’t found earlier due to my love of horse books!

Take a look at Horse and Rider Books.  These guys are ‘the leading publishers of equestrian books and DVDs’.  Their claim to fame is perhaps their first horse book Centred Riding by Sally Swift which was published in 1985.  Now these publishers can boast authors such as:

  • Jane Savoie (link)
  • Linda Tellington-Jones
  • Alois Podhajsky

If you’re in the market of writing a horse book, publishers that focus on horse books might be worth knowing!  Horse and Rider Books do accept submissions for book proposals and manuscripts, check out their guidelines to see how you can submit your book in the making!

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