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Equimark – Equine Markings for Registration

I have touched on horse applications before as a potential equine passive income stream.  I’ve just recently connected with someone on LinkedIn who is involved in Equimark.  This is an application that can be used to register equine markings of your horse.

Equimark has developed an App for all horse breeds that require markings to be recorded for registration and passport purposes. All Equine bodies may have their own specific forms added to the App for use by their members. Forms are digitally completed and mailed direct from the App to chosen email recipient/s. Currently, forms listed under South Africa are already active.

Equimark - An Application for Horse Identification and Registration

Equimark – An Application for Horse Identification and Registration

What I love about their website is that along with links on being able to purchase the application, you can also find out about:

  • varying horse markings and their descriptions
  • various methods of identification and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • a colour guide to help people identify what colour their horse is
  • a labelled image to help with points of the horse

I am sure there are instances when people register their horses, but the forms are filled out incorrectly.  The above information on this site will help to avoid some of the more common errors when filling out forms.

According to their website, advantages of using the Equimark App include:

Equine identification forms are digitally presented
Forms are uniform and easily edited
Environmentally friendly reducing paper wastage
Accessible any time from any Country
Less time consuming

This sounds like a great application that so many people will benefit from and also be able to use!  It’s a good example of creating an app that will be utilised by many.  Be sure to check it out with the above link.

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