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Equine Clay Models for Education

The EQUIKEN® Classic Horse Skeleton Model

So I got an email during the week from our manager who had been sent an interesting educational tool.  Anatomy in Clay offer animal, human and orthopaedic models that can be built upon with clay, to learn muscle structures.  Of course, the equine one is of interest to us at work!

One testimonial has stated that the animal model is:

“…a methodology that would approach the teaching of Anatomy from a different perspective, one that encouraged independence, student-centered instruction, and engaged all types of learners…to my delight I found what I was seeking… the Anatomy in Clay® system transformed our program…”

The EQUIKEN® Classic Horse Skeleton Model is designed to help teach anatomy.  It can be used “to build ligaments, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and other body systems” and includes:

  • Axial, (head, neck, thorax, lumbar, sacrum, and tail)
  • Branchial (jaw, thyrohyoid and trachea)
  • Pectoral and pelvic appendages

There is also a disjointed model of the equine limb.  These aren’t cheap, but I’m sure they’d be a great way to learn structures!

“People talk about size, shape, quarters, blood, bone, muscle, but for my part, give me a hunter with brains: he has to take care of the biggest fool of the two and think for both.” – Author unknown

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