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So!  I’ve been thinking a bit of late about the need to finish my novel and get it published.  I love writing and dream of being able to generate a passive income through my writing; particularly in regard to horses.

As someone who’s addicted to books and collects them (can’t get enough horsey ones!), I love the idea of being able to hold a book and turn the pages whilst reading it.  However, with the joys of online and so many wonderful inventions that have come about, the idea of eBooks has been sitting in the back of my mind.

Curious what others thought of these – and if indeed people do read them and buy them – I put up a question on facebook to find out from friends and family their preferences.  A lot indicated the joys of eBooks for travelling, train, plane, overseas trips and how convenient it is to have access to numerous novels to read without having to pack heavy books.  I hadn’t considered this!  Though I’m sure my fiancee would appreciate me not packing so many books on our next trip!

I spoke with mum about this as she’s published quite a few books and she showed me, as this is where she sells her eBooks (and hard copy) books from.  The general gist:

  • doesn’t cost you to set up your books onto the system
  • ISBN is provided for you
  • they do take a percentage of your sales, but when there’s no initial outlay of finances, I think this is pretty good!
  • there are resources for generating cover graphics
  • they help you get listed on Amazon
  • you can sell eBooks and hard copy books and set your prices

It seems to me quite an incredible online system!  So for those of you out there that love to write and have an equine related story to tell, why not consider entertaining that dream of being published – at no initial cost to you except the time it takes to write your story and set up an account?  Work once, get paid for it many times – gotta love passive incomes!

“As old wood is best to burn; old horses to ride; old books to read; old wine to drink; so are old friends most trysty to use.” – Leonard Wright

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