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Equine Editor – a Niche Focus

I believe many different careers can have a niche focus – horses. Recently I’ve been editing some horse non fiction books in return for copies of them.  And I got to thinking: equine editor! I love to receive horse books to read! I learn something new, enjoy a good story and get a copy in return.

Any Horse Book would Benefit from an Equine Editor

Any Horse Book would Benefit from an Equine Editor

Often when reading, I pick up on inconsistencies in grammar, spelling mistakes or something else that needs editing. It is not because I am better than the person that has written the book – it is because I am a fresh pair of eyes.

In fact, the same is true for the novels that I write. Having someone else read them, means that any errors or inconsistencies are more likely to be picked up.

There are many needs for editors today. Newspapers, magazines, novels, text books and also articles online.

What if you could focus this skill on one particular area? Horses. An equine editor would presumably bring the same skills to the table that other editors would. The difference would be that they could also read horse related pieces with knowledge of horses.

In this way they may pick up on inconsistencies that non horsey people wouldn’t. A simple example is the reference to a chestnut horse as having a brown body with a black mane and tail. Or perhaps talking about a blaze on a horse’s leg.

The Equine Editor

An equine editor would be able to pick up on these issues and also correct them. Luckily, there are a lot of equine related magazines, novels, text books, articles and more out there.

If you have skills in the area of editing – a keen grasp of the English language (or other languages), good working knowledge of grammar, attention to detail and a passion for horses and knowledge of them, then perhaps this niche area is worth setting up as a business.

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